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    This is a quote from you,
    Almost all of us who have addressed the infections have improved but it takes time.
    Q. How does one begin to address this? Where do you start. I do not have a coop. doc., suspect lymes, how do you find a good lab, and get tested. What else does one look for.
    I cope with supplements, prayer, and rest, just overwelmed to start more. Going to groc. store is an ordeal, let alone getting a handle on this DD.
    Thank you
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    My treatments were all empirical. I researched online and brought the info to my doc. I did know I had a mycoplasma infection which had triggered my CFIDS years ago, so he was willing to try the Doxy. I Herxed three days later and we knew we were on the right track. Long-term treatment with Doxy also works for Lyme but may not be enough by itself.

    If you do enough research, you may be able to convince a doc to try these things. See whether you can find a doc interested in treating CFIDS or FMS. If you can afford the FFC, it would be easier to get the treatments. They aggressively test and treat infections. They will help you file insurance but you need to pay up front. Most insurance doesn't cover all their costs.

    If you contact the Smokey Mountain Labs, they may be willing to help you find a doc in your area who runs these tests.

    If all else fails, the transfer factors sold here are excellent. The TF C targets Lyme and many other pathogens. The TF 200 targets both A & B strains of HHV-6. I take both. ProHealth sells a TF for mycoplasma infections through their website for physicians. You would have to get a doc to order it for you.

    HEMEX Labs runs tests for hypercoagulation and again, I think they will do a doctor referral if you contact them. If you cannot find a doc to do the Heparin treatment, you can use enzymes. Tansy has done this because there is very little treatment available in the UK for treating the chronic infections.

    If you search this website for topics such as Heparin, Mycoplasmas, Lyme, FFC, Stealth Viruses, Hypocoalulation, etc., you can read our old posts. These subjects can also be researched online. Dr. Garth Nicolson's website is a wealth of info on mycoplasmas.

    More and more, docs are using ABX, AV's, and Heparin to treat CFIDS. It's often just a case of finding the right doc. If that doesn't work, follow Tansy's lead and do your own treatments. There are herbal supplements which are effective against pathogens. Olive leaf oil has helped some here.

    I bought a zapper for $150 from the Hulda Clark website. It kills pathogens in the blood using low-voltage, low frequency current. It's a small battery-operated gizmo and it really works. When I feel as though I am coming down with something, if I can zap early enough, I don't get it or I get it less severly than others. Using the zapper aggressively will produce Herxes, so I know it works.

    Hope this helps. I started out before any docs here knew anything much about treating CFIDS. I researched and we worked together to produce my treatment regimen. It is basically what the FFC's are using now. It can be done without a doc but it's sooooo much easier if you can find a doc who is cooperative. Check the doctor referral here by clicking on Doctor Referral in the strip above.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie

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