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    Are you out there? Is it raining? I am all the way up in the big bend they call it. Gulf of Mexico close to Tallahassee fl. My body can tell something tropical is going on. The barometric pressure, the front, whatever I ache all over? Do you? Wanting to make sure you are ok and wondering if the rain might make it to the east of us. I hope so. Are you on here tonight? Just give us a shout out to make sure your ok.

    Take Care
  2. Mikie

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    Well, the storm is supposed to make a right-hand turn at about Orlando and go out over the Atlantic only to make landfall again in the Carolinas. We always get the worst of these storms from the lower outer bands so it will be later today that that happens. So far, Ernesto isn't causing any big deal. Winds have only been gusting on the East Coast to about 40 mph and those are not sustained winds. Rain hasn't caused any flooding so far either. I think the biggest problem is if a tree limb falls across power lines.

    There is a front, moving west to east, which is steering this storm so you will likely not be affected too much. The outer bands and low pressure do affect areas outside the storm itself, though. You may get a double whammy of low pressure because of both the storm and the front. Down this far south, those fronts usually don't affect us unless there is a huge dip in the jet stream. That usually only happens rarely in the wintertime.

    Funny you should mention the pain from the low pressure. You know that I consider my FMS symptoms reversed from the Guai; however, I can still have pain from low barometric pressure. I do have some pain in my legs.

    Stay safe and comfortable.

    Love, Mikie

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