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    Can I ask about your tests I have EBV but I am sure I have microrganisms as evertime I take antibiotics I get well and they seem to help !!!how can I persude my Rehumy to
    test me for this and prescribe antibiotics,I already asked him about antibiotics and he said no!! I am sure he is lookig on it from the EBV angle!!!

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    The truth is that we are vulnerable to chronic viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. For years, docs abused antibiotics and now they have run in the other direction. No one wants to have to take them long term, but if one has a serious chronic cell-wall-deficient bacterial infection, like Lyme or mycoplasma, one has no hope of healing until the infection is addressed. There are tests for Lyme. Victoria here can tell you which is the best. They only tests for the mycoplasma infections, which are sensitive enough to pick up a chronic infection, are PCR DNA tests. They are expensive, the blood must be very carefully handled, and there is a big margin of error, producing false neg. results.

    My own mycoplasma infection showed up in a routine blood test because it was done when the infection was in the active stage in 1990. Back then, no one knew that it takes at least 6 months on ABX to control the infection. Knowing that was what triggered my illnesses full blown, my doc was very agreeable to my trying the Doxycycline. I printed out material from Dr. Garth Nicolson's website, Immed, and highlighted the pertinent info, including the protocol. Long-term use of ABX, like the Doxy, is, IMHO, less risky than letting an infection take over one's body. ProHealth sells a transfer factor for Mycoplasmas and had it been available when I started the Doxy, I likely would have tried it first. You don't need a prescription for TF's but I do think one ought to discuss it with one's doc.

    If your doc is willing to try an antiviral, you will know if it is working. Typically, you either have a Herx reaction and start to feel better or you just start to feel better. There are also TF's for various viral infections, including TF 200 which targets both strains of HHV-6. HHV-6 doesn't respond to AV's as well as it seems to to the TF's.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    for your help you are a god send!!!
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    I but got your joke and it's making my day. Thanks for the laugh!

    Love, Mikie