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  1. freida

    freida Active Member

    Goodness, I knew we all have been missing you ,
    noticing you haven't posted "in a few days" , or so...
    even longer than I had been away from here...

    and we were all wondering how you are, of course,

    But I finally just checked and see that it truly has been as long as it seems...6 days since you've been here,...
    and I don't know that you said any plans.

    I sure hope you are okay, !!
    and that you can check in with us soon!

    Leah Freida
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  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry if I caused a problem and I'm so thankful for friends/online family, like you, who care. I'll 'splain on the Lounge. Thanks again for your concern and the caring sweet person you are.

    Love, Mikie
  3. freida

    freida Active Member

    You didn't cause any problem, Mikie. :)

    And I hope I didn't either! ;)

    I'd just gotten to the point of some worrying,
    and knew I wouldn't be the only one,
    so I wanted to post where you'd see it soonest...

    But we all know that you need to do some other things too. We understand! :)

    I'll go read up on what you said, at the lounge.

    Leah Freida