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    I know you don't like long letters, so I'll make this short.

    You talk about Dr. Cheney and klonopin alot. I know nothing about Dr. Cheney, what do you know about him that makes you feel so strongly about what he says?

    Second, on Klonopin. That drug is in the benzo family. Is it as addicting as xanax? In other words, should I worry about it after being addicted to xanax? If I only took it in a strict supervised way (such as bedtime) and not 4 times a day like with xanax, do you think I would become dependent?

    I value your opinion, you have obviously done alot of research. Thanks for the imput. Is this short enough?

    Love, Deb

    P.S. I ordered zma and the probiotics today from this site!!
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    Know it is the weekend.
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    Dr. Cheney is a well-known expert on CFIDS. He was one of the main docs treating the cluster outbreak of CFIDS in Incline Village, NV along with his partner, I think his name is Peterson. Dr. Cheney just about went broke and had his reputation attacked trying to stick up for patients with CFIDS with both the NIH and the CDC. He was one of the first docs who believed in our illnesses. He has continued all these years treating CFIDS patients and doing research.

    Now, that said, you may have noticed that I have asked several times for anyone who has gotten considerably better under his care. There have been a couple. I, personally do not want to spend the approx. $6,000 for the initial workup at his clinic unless I can find more success stories. I do follow some of his suggestions, though and incorporate them into my treatment.

    I recommend that people read the article about Klonopin, not so they will rush out and ask their docs for Klonopin, but so that they can understand the dynamics at work in our brains. It is the best article I have ever read that explains why we can't sleep, have anxiety, and suffer from sensory overload. The decision to take the Klonopin, or any other heavy-duty med, is one which takes a lot of diligence and research. For me, the Klonopin has been a God send, but it hasn't worked that well for everyone.

    I am not familiar with Xanax other than that it is also a benzo. I, personally, do not think there are addicting drugs when used for their initial purpose in a legitimate situation. I do believe there are people who get psychologically addicted to drugs. There are also people who get psychologically addicted to sex, shopping, chocolate, food, etc. It is possible to become physically dependent on our meds and when we stop, we must slowly wean off of them.

    Have you truly been psychologically addicted to Xanax or physically dependent? If it is the former, I would be concerned about becoming addicted to Klonopin as well. I would talk to your doc about your concerns.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    I will definately read the article on klonopin I would like to know alot more about sensory overload.

    Xanax.... I believe I was just physically addicted. The same dose didn't work as well, and over time I dived the 3 doses into 2 doses so I could get the affect. And I think that is what screwed me up, my body was looking for the 3rd dose.

    Thanks again!
    Love, Deb

    P.s. Just read the article. It was wonderfully written and explained so much. I don't know if I have cfs, but... I have had the severe fatigue for years, and I am sensitive to everything. How did you find a doc that agreed with what you wanted?
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