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    Could you tell me what chronic microplasmic????? No that's not it. What is it you take Doxycycline (sp) for? what are your symptoms?

    I went to the doc today and in the three minutes she gave me after I told her I had FM/CFIDS, she told me I have a cold and to take some tylenol. It sure doesn't feel like any cold I have ever had.

    I can't get a doc to pay any attention and I am getting worse.

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    Mikie won't be back on the board untill tomorrow morning. So keep your post bumped up. It was at the bottom of the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    First, find a good doc who treats CFIDS/FMS. You need a diagnosis and treatment. I believe that our illnesses are genetically passed down. I also believe that anything which overwhelms the immune system can trigger our illnesses from a latent state into an active state. Triggers can include anything which stresses the body and/or mind.

    In my case, that trigger was a mycoplasma infection. Mycoplasmas are very small bacteria (there are many strains) with no cell walls of their own. They initially cause a flu-like illness which can leave one sick and crippled for months. If they are not treated with a long cycle of antibiotics, they will go into a chronic stealth stage where they live inside the cells of the body undetected by the immune system. They have been in my body for 12 years. It will take a very long time on the ABX for me to starve them out. I've already been on the Doxy for more than a year.

    Mycoplasma infections are very high in people with Gulf War Illness, CFIDS, and FMS. Between 60 and 70 percent of us have stealth mycoplasma infections. Unless stealth infections are addressed, we simply will not get well.

    Love, Mikie