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    You are right. It is not constructive to dwell on her death. I was understanding and upset when I wrote about it and if I have frustrated or upset anyone here I am truly sorry. I will try to have a more positive attitude from now on. I have had deep depression before and was treated for about 1 1/2 years and have been released from further care. I also learned bio-feed back, meditation, exercises, and go to physical therapy 3 x week, learned thia chi, go to a pain clinic for epidurals and triggers...heat pad, hot showers and baths and a loving husband who stands behind me all the way. {I was in bed almost all day fighting a Migraine, with the help of Max-alt it went away]. Anyway I have many interest now. I garden, paint,craft, collect indian relics, sew, sing...so although I have been dx with depression at one time,I sought help and have been doing well for years. When I get a real bad flare up I just do my meditaion and pray, and say to myself "this too shall pass". The main thing that gets me through is my family and the promise of our Lord that one day, I will have no more pain. Once again I am sorry if I stepped out of line. Sis
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    Bless your heart. You have really taken responsibility for healing yourself. Your post is such an upper for me. Thank you for letting us know how well you are doing.

    I suffered for years from clinical depression without understanding what was wrong with me. I finally got good therapy with a psychiatrist who helped me climb out of that dark place. I no longer suffer depression and I take no antidepressants.

    One of our mental health professionals did post that it is not healthy for us to dwell on things like that suicide. I do try to be aware of what is happening in the world, but I have to also focus on being positive and optimistic. It is an integral part of my healing.

    Thank you for such a positive post.

    Love, Mikie