mildly bi-polor-is it possible

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    sometimes i think i am mildly bi-polar, if there is such a thing, but if i was wouldn't the doctor have told me?....iam on tompax 100mg. a day for mood disorders, that what she says, because my moods are discusting even to me. i jump around from one mood to another. i can't even stand them. iam on l000mg of tryptophan, 200mg. of effoxer. and the topamax. my family says all the time, are you sure you are not bi-polar besides having fibro-myalagia. i am not sure if severe mood swings come from fibro-or what the hell is going on, could it be pms, my periods are so irregular now. my whole life has turned up side down, trying to figure this all out. someone tell me please if they have heard of such a thing ..................sharon
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    I am a Psychiatric Social Worker. The neurohromonal abnormalities of Fibro can produce symptoms which may look like mild Bipolar disorder. IMO, treating those neurohormonal deficiencies is the key, not covering the symptoms with drugs.
    Did you have an MMPI test with a positive mania scale that was evaluated by a mental health professional? Do you meet the criteria for a dx of bipolar disorder, hypomania or cyclothymia, or did someone just guess because they didn't know anything about Fibro and wanted some sort of label to put on you?
    Mild Bipolar disorder would be hypomania alternating with dysthymia, and it may be called rapid cycling if your mood changes daily. An even milder form is called cyclothymia.
    You are already doing something right by taking Tryprophan, but where in the world are you getting it? It is supposed to be off the market! Most docs are prescribing 5-HTP instead. You probably also need Tyrosine, and maybe some other supps. as well.
    What kind of doctor made this diagnosis? I am so totally sick of doctors who think they know about Fibro throwing these psych dx's at us without a clue as to what the chemical abnormalities of this illness can do.
    Of course, I do not know you, and you may actually be bipolar, but to be sure, you need the type of evaluation I mention above. See my next post below!!!
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    1. Do I sometimes stay up all night or almost all night, several nights in a row, but still don't feel tired, and can go, go , go all day long?
    2. Do I crave attention and seek out people, even strangers if needed, so I can get it?
    3. Do I sometimes become hyper-sexual,with appetites that are unusual or embarrassing to me the rest of the time?
    4. Do I go on impulsive shopping sprees, spending money I don't have?
    5. Do I sometimes speak or write far more rapidly than other people?
    6.Do my thoughts sometimes race uncontrollably?
    7. Do I have grand ideas about my talents or abilities that I know (at other times) are not real?

    These are all symptoms of mania. In my experience, most fibro sufferers have symptoms of depression and irritibility, but it is secondary to being so very ill all the time. I never see true mania. In ten years of running a fibro support group, I only met one undiagnosed bipolar, and her mania was so disruptive, I had to throw her out of the group.
    If you recognize yourself in any of the above, I would get a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychologist or some sort of qualified therapist.

    Keep us posted! Hugs,

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    I have had all of those things klutzo said in her post. I was diagnosed with the bipolar before I was diagnosed with FM. It's definately a rollercoaster! My episodes can happen every few months. As a result of one of my hypomanic states my daughter was conceived. I never regret my daughter, but I realized there was something wrong when I became pregnant. What both klutzo and madwolf have said is true. You need to be looked at by a good psychiatrist. Before my diagnosis of bipolar I had seen 3 different psychiatrists over seven years. I was only seeing these people when I was on my depressed cycle and they prescribed antidepressants which set me off into a hypomanic phase. I then stopped my medication because I felt so "good" and proceeded to really mess up my life with bills, abusing alcohol and getting into some really bad, abusive relationships. I even at one time quit my job and moved to California penniless!

    I remember reading something about "kindling". The more times you see and are treated for your disease and stop taking medication or getting treatment the worse your disease gets. I think because of this my disease got worse each time I stopped taking the prescribed medicine. I know now I will have to monitor even slight mood changes because I just don't get the "blues" and I just don't get a good day. It is an extreme of the two.

    Also, mood stablizors tend to make you really unambitious and impair your thinking. I tried trileptal, topamax, lamictal and some other stuff I don't remember. What I didn't like most was being unable to concentrate and I did not succeed at my college courses as I should have. Let's just say after I went off of my mood stablizor I was on the Dean's list.

    What am I saying? Find a good psychiatrist and work with them well. Hopefully you can treat whatever you might have and lead a better life without the stuff I went through.

    Good Luck!