milk thistle and antivirals

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybugmandy, May 2, 2009.

  1. ladybugmandy

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    hello. i was wondering if anyone out there has taken milk thistle with antivirals. i want to try it because my ALT keeps becoming elevated on valcyte. then, my doctor reduces my valcyte dose and i get sick. i have been reading that milk thistle is supposed to help decrease the ALT.

    i can't ask my doctor about it because he will surely say i shouldn't take it...

  2. bobbycat

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    Look for post. Here I go again. My dogs liver was failing and the vet did not know why. We started force feeding her, had her on antibiotics, enyzumes and milk thistle. She recovered but it was scary and took some time. I totally believe in the Milk Thistle and so do the people on the dog sites or liver problems in dogs. I no you are not a dog but hey the liver has the same function. Good Luck and see the other resent post on this I posted this there also.
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    I was on abx for over two years treating Lyme. I was taking milk thistle the entire time and never had a problem with liver enzymes.

    Make sure you take at least 80 percent silymarin. It will tell you on the back. I was taking 240mg. You can get it at most drug stores.

  4. astroherb

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    Although I know absolutely nothing about milk thistle with antivirals, I do know that milk thistle is a wonderful, wonderful herb. Many years ago I was vry sick and cat scans showed liver scarring of unknown origin. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for it. I took milk thistle, along with other herbs, and eventually the pain and sickness just disappeared.

    I also know of someone with a failing liver due to alcohol consumption. He was near death several times (he won't or can't quit drinking). However, he is still alive two years later. His doctors give much of the credit to milk thistle.

    It is unmatched in ridding the liver of toxins.

    Maybe you can mention it to your doctor anyway. As long as it doesn't interact negatively with your antivirals, he should not object to your taking it.

    Hope this helps.

  5. ladybugmandy

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    thank you. i am going to mention it to my doctor. he will say no but i think i might take it anyway.

  6. outofstep

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    These drugs are so brutal so your body needs all the help that it can get. I know that Dr. Lerner is really strict re: his protocol but I really don't think that taking milk thistle is a big deal-and it could potentially really help your liver. I encourage you to be subversive :)
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    Hi sue,

    I've been taking a lot of milk thistle for years. It keeps my ALT in the normal range.

    I've taken Virastop while I've been on milk thistle. Virastop is a mild antiviral. There were no problems with being on both at the same time.

    It sounds to me like milk thistle might be very helpful for you. It's basically an antioxidant, so it seems fairly safe to try.