milk thistle trying to understand why it stopped working

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    I dont know what happened to my post but i will write it again if it got erased. I am wondering basicly if i should take more thistle since i been taking it for a year. I think my body got used to it and that why my enzymes are up again. I really had a good run with it and the enzymes stayed perfectly normal. Now there up and i dont know why. Also i am wondering should i take like a protein digestion enzyme with my milk thistle. Would that help in any way????? I usually take my 2x 1000 mg pill in the morning and then i eat. THats it the rest of the day until the next morning. Then the next morning i do it again. I am in shape by the way and be4 i get my enzymes checked out i usually stop exercising 7 days prior to getting checked. If you have any knowledge plez write me. Also if the old post is on here my appoligies but i need some answers on either here or there.
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    I went through hell with impaired liver detox for years--of course not one of the doctors could tell me a thing. impaired liver function may or may not show up on tests. your liver can be 80 percent damaged before it is revealed on liver function tests. liver impairment is most certainly a hallmark symptom of cfids.....why more is not written or discussed about this is beyond me...some also believe the liver is the seat of inflammation. everything you take into the body must be processed through your liver---that includeds all the toxic lotions and potions you put on your body.

    antidepressants and pain killers are very taxing to your liver.....and while milk thistle is great for your liver there may be many other steps you must take before your liver panels nomalize. you would want to read up on liver function or find a very good nutritionally oriented physician to help you. beets and cucumbers and carrots are a good thing to juice that really help the liver process all the may want to divide your dose of milk thistle --some in the morning--some in the evening--and juice---clean up the diet--lots of salads....make sure all your supplements are high quality---beware of fillers, binders, lubricants---make sure you dont have candida--which attacks the may also want to take a comprehensive liver formula--with more ingredients to support the liver besides milk thistle. you may also want to take probiotics(lots of them) with your milk thistle,and fiber, as well as digestive enzymes, and quality omegas. remember the acronym----hope----high fiber,oil, probiotics, enzymes.....also if your liver is not functioning in high gear--then your gall bladder is at risk--nothing in the body operates solely on its own.....
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    By the way--the best authority on the liver--whom i learned from is rod burreson of roex vitamin company--you may be able to lister to a dissertation on the liver by listening to his internet radio show.....or you may call and ask for advice directly--you can make it clear you do not want to buy anything--you are just learning.....he has a product called livalon, as well as recommending other things like enzymes, and probiotics, juicing, you can even massage your liver.....
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    Also--long ago, Rod recommended to me--choline bartartrate, livalon,and a detox product called wow. he also recommended to drink a lot of distilled water through out the day to flush the liver out. And-be aware the liver requires easily 6000 to 8000 milligrams of vitamin c --just to function at normal capacity.....all this i learned from rod---and all this normalized my liver.....