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    Hi there,

    I know that some of you have been using Melatonin to help with sleep. I am presently trying to wean myself off the clonozepam which I also take along with gen. Flexeril for sleep. I don't think I have been have alot of bad reactions to weaning, but is is just that I am not sleeping as well and going back to my getting up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom.

    I am only taking the Clonezepam before bed (0.5 mg) and have presently just gotten to the removal of i/4 of a pill. My doctor had mentioned 1/2 pill but I figured I would start at removing 1/4 first. Well, since this has been going on for awhile I figured that maybe as I am trying to taper I could take a small dosage of Melatonin with my 3/4 of the pill, and then continue to wean off when I start sleeping better and hopefully do not have to many other side effects.

    I have been googling and searching and trying just to find how many mcg. = a mg.or vias verss. I did think that the mcg was the smaller dosage. Who knows now.

    There were three bottles of different dosages there at the store. I took the one for 300 mcg. the others were mcg dosages.

    Did I get the right dosage pill for the smaller dosage and how many of them should I take to start out or do I need to bring it back for the 1 and 3 mg jars/doages? That is what I think they had there.

    Also, do any of you take it long term? I keep reading that this should just be for very short term use (of course those people do not have FM, etc (-: ).

    Any information on melatonin and these crazy dosages would be very helpful.

    Thanks allot !!



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    I don't know why but google or the computer gave me everything but the information I wanted on the mcgs. and mgs. Glad I do not have to bring this back.

    I got it in Wally World (WalMart)(-: . They have s many different supplements and vitamins now you don't always have to go to the Healthfood store.

    It is the REXALL brand so should be good. I was surprised and it was so cheap. Close to $4 for 120 tabs, inc the tax.

    How long do you think I should stay ion the 300 mcgs. befire I try another dosage and so you think I should up it 1 or 1/2 pills at a time? They are about the size of an aspirin I would say but are not scored for easy dividing. I do have a pill divider but it isn't the most accurate. Thr clonezapan can get a bit messy when I try to break the halves in half (-: !

    Actaully someone told me the other day about valerian root tea whcih I couldn't find plus ot sure f the tea thing before bed would be so good. Also the dosage was sort of hi and I didn;t want that to interfere along with the clonezapam and make more side effects.

    have to run now. Be back later on.

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    I am also taking 10 mg of Flexeril with the Clonazepam. So, something should make me sleep , dont you think (-: !! Worse comes to worse later on I may try the Gaba.

    Just curious, how long have you been on Melatonin and were you ever on s script drug for sleep? If so did you have to wean off it?

    I will keep working with it and see what I can do. Yes, that is why I got the 300 mcg., I figure the less needed the better especially since I am also onthe clonazaepam and Flexeril. I am trying to get on less stuff but we do have to sleep, don't we ?

    TTYL !


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    Jam was correct in her statement that 500 mcg. = 1/2 mg. so that works out right. I don't know why everything I put into google gave me everything but what I wanted. The BIG word was "convert" and I just could not thnik of of that word to save my soul !!

    Thanks allot agin !


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    Sorry to be chancing the subject but curius on how high your b/p is normally or how high has it gotten to be able to be off meds.

    When I started all this stuff, the pain hit and my hi b/p hit at the same time. That is also in my family so no surprise there but I am sure it started because of my pain. When it started it was like 200/ 100 +. That was to many years ago and I cannot remember exactly but it was extremely hi. My b/p also likes to spike, even on meds esp when I am out of my comfort zone so the doctor upped my meds.and changed them. Now I am going to my PCP (haven't made the appointment yet) for a checkup and to tell her that one of my meds is going up to and even to a higher plateau and price and if she can try and give me something , possibly generic. Both b/p meds are brand name and are expensive even with insurance.

    After I sent you the last post I figured that you probably hadnt been on any sleep med but I had already posted. Remembered some of your other posts. To bad that insurance does not pay for supplements. Of course some of these things (supplements)like the melatonin is cheap. However, I am sure as you know that some can be rather expensives sep if you have to take more than one pill a day.

    TTYL !

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    I had read that post of yours about the celery I think. I keep forgetting that I should get some to eat. How much do you eat a day? Do you put anything onit to mankeit tast a little better. Salt is good but isn't really good for hi b/p.

    Well I will try and remember to do that anyway.

    Well I will try and remember to take my 300 mcg. of melatonin tonight and will see how it does.,

    I bought the Valerian Root yesterday and when I got home and was lookinginto it it looked like a pretty heafty dosage to be taking along with my meds so I brought it badk. It was something like 1,3,00 mg or something like that which seemed pretty hight to me from what I was researching. So, I brought it back and got the melatonin..

    Thanks again and TTYL !



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