Millions of toys recalled for Lead dangers

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  1. AllWXRider

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    About 4 million Groovy Grabber children’s bracelets, manufactured by A&A Global Industries, have been recalled because the paint on the metallic part of the bands contains high levels of lead, which is toxic for children and can cause adverse health effects if ingested.

    The flexible bracelets are made from metal bands wrapped in plastic covers that are decorated with a variety of colors and designs. The designs include smiley faces, Chinese symbols, dogs, cats, aliens, checker boards and flames. They were sold at vending machines in department, grocery and discount stores, as well as shopping malls around the country between November 2005 and March 2007.

    Separately, about 396,000 metal key chains, imported by Dollar General Merchandising, Inc., have been recalled because they also contain high levels of lead.

    The recall includes three styles of key chain: A flip flop, a single letter and dangling charms. The flip flop chains came in purple, yellow and aqua blue, with a flower on top of the flip flop. The letter key chains have a single, silver English letter. The dangling charms key chains feature small objects including a cross, flower, shamrock and heart hanging from a silver chain. The packaging for all three styles has “Key Chain” and “Dollar General $1.25” printed on the front.

    The key chains were sold at Dollar General stores around the country between December 2005 and January 2007.
  2. Engel

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    Our country needs to wise up ...
  3. AllWXRider

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    The rest of the article mentioned Made in China.

    Its a sad thing but China has no rules on pollutants. The business simply dump whatever they want into their rivers. The famous Yatzee and Yellow rivers are very toxic and many ppl simple drink from them. We use to worry about China being a military threat but they are going to implode on themselves.

    Just be careful what you buy from China and think about the toxic metal possibility.
  4. Didoe

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    There is no way I am giving up my .99 made in china keychain that coordinates with my Groovy Grabber bracelet.
    What would I wear to the office?!
    One must keep up appearances
    ...and the cat tells me she's not giving up her Groovy Grabber bracelet either. Its her favorite chew toy, which may explain her mindless meowing at 2am.
  5. Engel

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    Everything was made in China!!! I had to really search to find an item that was not from there. Sad huh? Even the ship was loaded with Chinese people (who got rich off of selling us junk probably ... lol).
  6. Didoe

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    The same manufacturers of these .99 keychains
    buy houses for CASH that average $500,000.
    Their businesses change hands every 6 months
    Thank the government for NAFTA that has exported all manufacturing overseas because "americans all want go to college and no one wants to work in factories."

    Lead content in toys doesnt begin to address this mess.

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