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    This past winter, both cats first full winter, they discovered bugs. A fly got into the bathroom because the kitchen window does not fully close at the top...which may also account for the unusual number of lady bugs during the summer.

    The fly was a big fat black buzzing bugger and both cats, slightly slimmer and smaller at the time, were perched on the sink watching it land, take off, land and it drove them crazy trying to keep up and run after it. Flies must be pretty stupid, because this one swung low enough for Mr. B to swat it right down to the floor and while he was looking for it, Bootee daintily picked it up and swallowed it in one gulp. Mr. B spent the next few hours pacing, sure he had kn ocked it out but couldnt find it.

    It was a bonding exercise for both cats (!) and any sign of a rustle, creep or scrtich that might mean another 'bug' has them on patrol and ready for battle.

    I've been battling a whopper of a fibro attack that hit last week. The weather hasnt helped with chill and rain either pouring or about to. Its been very dikfficult commuting and sleeping due to pain and stiffness. Since I'm actually dealing with an unusual amount of medical problems, even my rhuematologist took note that it seemed more than one person could handle and said 'sleep' is top priority before a total collapse happens. So she moved some meds around, added one more, but sleep last night was a nightmare.

    I always dream in vivid color, but last night Bootee was neon blue. I would fall asleep and not be asleep, cant explain it--I kept skimming the surface, clearly dreaming because there's total recall of ridiculous dreams, but no feeling of rest. Mr. B was stretched out next to me and has developedx a habit of murmuring at me durin the night. If I move back to make room so he doesnt fall, he moves closer against me--he's worse than a husband. He never purrs, I dont know why, but last night between mumbling and cuddling, I reached to pat him on the head and he began purring. He remembers when we were alone, before Bootee, he would curl up and sleep inside the headboard-bookspace as I slept at night. Now with Boots shadowing him everywhere like an adoring fan, trying to copy everything, he gets annoyed alot and doesnt like sharing his 'things' including me.

    So last night with the rain pouring right outside the bedroom window, tossing and turing from pain, suddenly I noticed Mr. B on the armchair, bolting upright ready to pounce and it was dark in the room except for a tiny night light. As soon as Boots saw Mr. B ready for battle he also jumped and both pounced on the bed, near my feet and I also sat up and like the dummy I am, asked them "what is it?"
    But they were too busy hunting, pushing the cover around trying to find could only have been a bug. Instead of the human taking care of said bug, human was scared and moved to get out of the bed quickly, not knowing what exactly they had seen, bug or worse?!?

    Then Bootee jumped off the bed and ran to the carpet with something he dropped and began pawing. Mr. Boo was still poking thru the blanket searching for his prize. The light switch was on the wall after Bootee, who did NOT want to be interripted as he scooped up whatev er and popped it into his mouth, and promptly spit it out. He thwamped it once with his fat paw as I reached for the light switch and I saw a thousand foot millepede, trying to escape. Boots popped him into his mouth again, coughed, swallowed and coughed somemore.

    By that time everyone was fully awake, but since we were awake they decided it was a great time for an early breakfast. They shared a tiny can and after some milk, I tried once more to fall asleep...and Mr. B took up his watch next to me as guardian cat.
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    That story of the millipede sounded really cute and funny. I remember my mom used to get lots ofpresents from our cat when I was little, like dead mice. Wasn't that a lovely present??

    I am so glad that you have Mr B there to protect you from anythoing wild and beastly (-: !!

    That must have really tasted and felt weird trying to swallow a bug with all those legs. I guess he didn' t care.

    Bye for now and off to bed for me too! Thanks for the funny story !


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