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    i have been on milnacipran for 6 weeks now.iam in a clinical research study. it does help tremendously but i still have to take sleeping pills and pain pills. is anyone else taking milnacipran for fibro?
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    Just found your post. I am also in the study. I just finished with the phase where you have the chance of getting the placebo pills and get to deal with that lovely palm pilot. Now I am in the next phase where you a guaranteed the milnacipran you just dont know wether you are getting the 100 mg or the 200 mg.

    During the first phase I noticed no difference whatsoever. I am in my 2nd week of taking the actual milnacipran and OH MY GOD what a difference. My hands dont hurt as bad. I no longer feel like I am carrying around an extra 500 lbs.

    I've been doing pretty well with sleep right now.

    I sat and cried the other day it was just sooooo amazing not to be feeling badly.

    They have also extended this part of the study! My doctor just found out from the pharmacutical company that they would let everyone stay on it until it becomes FDA approved!