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    I have been in the study in Vista California since November 2004. I am horrified that I might not be able to get the drug after December when I have completed the study I am in at present. What is Cymbalta? Does it have side effects? I have several small side effects from Milnapricin, but feel they have been well worth the inconvenience; scalp itch, small breakouts on my face (like small zits), and a little (very controllable) constipation. I was walking with a cane when I got into the study. I had lost a lot of my balance, hurt all over continually, fuzzy brain, lack of sleep, severe sudden fatigue, etc. I now walk several miles, garden strenuously, and have a lot of energy. I have lost 35 lbs. because I care again and feel so well. The loss of the medication is a nightmare to me and I find myself worrying that I can't stand it to go back. Why did the drug company change their mind about keeping us on the drug until it was approved? I was told they would keep me on it and not just drop me back where I was? I know there is probably no answer, but I need to vent!
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    Anyone with experience with Cymbalta?

    Who told you that the drug company would keep you on the drug until it was approved? Do you have it in writing? Venting is fine, but maybe you need to consult the Better Business Bureau or a lawyer. Isn't there also some group that oversee medical tests? Maybe they could help.
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    I do think this drug is available on the internet from another country, but I think to take 200 mg a day it comes out to like $200 a month, which of course very few of us if any can afford. Also, who knows for sure what you are getting from another country and/or if you will for sure get it shipped to you. I have seen the place on the internet to buy this but have not read any posts from anyone that has bought from there.

    I am looking forward to the day that this drug is approved here (who knows how long) because I have read posts from people in the study who it has obviously helped tremendously, as they are very devastated that they will no longer be able to take it right now.
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    I am willing to try anything at this point. I've been off the drug for a week and my balance is going, I'm not sleeping as well, etc. I was told I would be kept in the study as long as a study was going forth. The original study results are requiring a different study which may start after the first of the year. I understand that making everyone clear from any other drug caused some people not to enter the study. The new study may not have that requirement. I don't know how I will afford $200 a month, but I can work when I take it. I cannot work when I don't take it. I've sent emails to several web sites but have no response.

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