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    Your post makes me cry.
    How sad it must be to watch your mum living with this illness.
    It must be tough for you living through this.
    The nursing home sounds good - as this will give you some respite and you can put all your energy into caring for your mum other ways.
    Does your mum know you?
    If not - does she respond to you in any way?
    I guess in life as we grow old - the tables turn and we end up 'parenting' our parents.
    My mum is nearly 80 and my dad is 84.
    They are hanging in there.
    They live 800 kms away from me and my family.
    I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who live close to them.
    I left home 24 years ago and moved interstate - for lots of reasons.
    Donna, I want you to know that I admire you for your support and caring for your mum.
    My heart goes out 'to you' as you watch her suffer - and suffer yourself as you watch.
    I truly believe that the people we care for would care for us in just the same way - given the chance.
    Hang in there good woman,