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    hi havent talked to yall in a while, life has been interesting to say the least, i got that test back the one i did so poorly on, i made a 76, so i can live with that and move on! i just registered for the winter quarter. financially its a rollercoaster.but god does provide, today is a prime example, my food stamps are supposed to be on my card on the 14 so i woke this morning geared to go to the store, guess what no money on the card! i have called my case worker 3 times she wont return my calls. i lost my old case worker she was wonderful to me and i have a new one, who isn;t so wonderful, i dont think she ever processed my review in october.so i was so upset, then i had a couple of appointments today, that gave me just enough to do what i need and i had another call for a color and i have 2 on friday and 2 on sunday!i made a 98 on my english test today, so that was one bright spot, hopefully my case worker will call me back at some point.how are yall? geared up for thanksgiving? what are yall doing for the holiday? please keep in touch i miss yall laura
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    I would take that grade any day also!! And what about that grade in English????? Congrat!!!!!!

    I know that Cheryl's Dad and his wife are at her house now for about 10 days, through Thanksgiving. We are supposed to go to my in-laws in Georgetown, Tx, N of Austin for Thanksgiving, prob. coming home that night since all kids have dogs and don't want to leave them overnight alone.
    One of my married daughters, Heidi who will turn 24 on Dec2
    has 3 dogs(one a puppy) and a cat. They are taking dogs with them and letting them stay in their backyard all day.
    My sis in law and her husband will bring their choc lab and she is wild. My daughter, Hannah who is 19 and in college also has a almost 1 1/2 yr old female boxer named Maya who is fine just around us, but goes bonkers around other people and animals so she can't come. She is ver sweet dog, just still a little hyper around other people.
    Plan to get her into some trainin classes next year.
    My daughter just got a new job, the one in college. She has been working at Beauty Brands this month for 2 yrs.
    Had been promoted to shift manager and for both years was top salesperson. She applied at the Pedi office Heidi works at(is front office daytime manager) for a night time and weekend front office receptionist, she would be under someone else, except Heidi can use her to fill in days during her school breaks and summer breaks and then she would be under her on those days only. She will be making almost 4 dollars an hour more!!!!!! Praise God!! This is same position Heidi started out as while going to college.
    They have already told her she will be an office manager very soon. These offices are all owned by TX Children's Hospital in downtown medical center in Houston,Tx. Good place to work! Since Hannah is going to be RN, she wanted to work in medical field. This is the office all 4 of my kids went to as babies and children, in fact at age 18 they just kicked Hannah out because she was too old!!!!
    I am praying continually for your financial needs. God will supply all your needs, I firmly believe that. Hope yo have a Happy Holiday. My fingers are not working too good tonight for some reason on thes comp. Better quit, I guess! Was so good to hear from you!!!!!

    ove in Christ,
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    Good Morning to you. I have been praying for you and wondering what is going on. I am glad that you are ok and that you got some good grades, yes even the 76. I am proud of you and what you are doing. You just hang in there, and you will do fine. Remember we are praying for you and we are very, very proud of you.

    I hope that your case worker calls you back soon, is there someone else you can contact to help you out??? It is frustrating I know. We will pray that she will call you.

    As Sherrie said my dad and his wife are here and will be staying until the 28th. Today is Sherrie's birthday so I am taking her out to Tea and then we are going to get manicures. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and we are taking him to Chattanooga to his favorite restaurant Carraba's. I think we are going to the mall first and then to dinner.

    I am aching quite a bit and have a terrible headache but this too shall passs.

    Please keep looking up, I know that God is with you and will provide your needs. I am glad you got a few jobs and know that they will help.

    Love and prayers to you and your family Laura,