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    Saw this on her show the other day. The man who wrote and starred in the Super size me movie was there with his fiance. They went "undercover" for a month and lived on minimum wage jobs and filmed it to show how hard it is for people who make these wages and have to try and live on it.

    She had people there to talk about how hard it us and how most of us are just one paycheck away from being homeless. I can't remember the woman's name but she used to be with the food and commercial workers unions and said everybody needs to write letters to the senators and congressmen in our states and demand that min. wage be raise. They said a high % of us live below the poverty level even makin min. wage.
    It is so sad how our country and leaders have let us down. Then they talked about how the leaders all get big raises but ours stay the same and then there's the big companies where the top leaders make massive salaries while employees are losing their jobs.

    I'll bet if something was ever to happen to any one of them or one of their family members and they had to actually live on 15,000 or less a year something would be done.

    We need to tell everyone we know to blast these people with letters telling them we are human too and shouldn't have to live like some do and we're not gonna take it anymore. People in this country,especially our sick and elderly, shouldn't have to worry about where their next meal comes from or how to pay for our meds.

    I'm sorry this just gets to me. They also said people that work in jobs and have to put their lives on the line shouldn't have to make min wage. They should be paid well.
    Talking about EMT workers,policemen,firemen,nurses who take care of our elderly and sick,etc. I'm writing my letters to anyone I can. Won't you join me. What's your opinions?

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    I was feeling bitter about Oprah today too.

    I think that she's a fine woman and helps a lot of worthy causes - but why not us?

    Did anyone here see the show she did on fistulas a few weeks back? She traveled to Africa to film it. A fistula is a wound that a woman can get when she bears children before her body is mature, as happens sometimes to young wives there. There is little or no medical care for pregnant women in some parts of Africa. Through the fistula, urine and feces leak out constantly. The family is ashamed of the woman for having this loathsome disease, and locks her away her whole life or leaves her to die.

    Oprah really cares about women and their diseases. But she doesn't have to go to Africa to find a group of women suffering from a painful and debilitating disease which makes them social outcasts and who not many people know about. WE'RE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (( )) Shannon
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    Some States have raised their minimum wage from the Federal, but I live in northwest Montana where the minimum wage is set at the Federal $5.15/hr. That is $206/week at 40 hours per week, $10,712/year before taxes -- if you're fortunate enough to work full time. Many, if not most, employers have shorter work weeks, no benefits, no health insurance. Many people work two or more jobs, still no benefits.

    Most people I have worked with here have a great work ethic and very little reason to have hope. I wish every legislator in our country would be required to walk in the shoes of the homeless, low paid, disabled, partially disabled etc. etc., with no light at the end of the tunnel, before they serve.

    I've lived in circumstances ranging from poverty, but with family, to comfortable upper middle class. I've found that a lot of comfortable upper middle class people have forgotten, if they ever knew, what it is like to be in lesser circumstances. They seem to think they don't have enough, but don't see why people with way, way less deserve more opportunity. I guess that's human nature, but more understanding and genuine, from the heart, compassion would help. Even, in some circumstances, just knowing the people in government positions genuinely care, truly empathize, would be help in itself.

    Children raised in a caring atmosphere do better, and so would our citizens. I don't think throwing money at people is a whole solution, but in the case of minimum wage it may be part of it. Hopefully compassion, awareness and honesty will find expanding importance throughout and in the leadership of government and business.
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    ....one simple fact.

    It has nothing to do with any political parties (that old blame game has gone on so long...it is so boring...I will not even go into it...this is not the place for it anyway)....LOL ;)

    We as Americans have to take responsibility and make our voices heard in letter campaigns as well as voting.

    Letter campaigns are great but you have to vote too.

    Voting is a something too many people feel they either do not have time for, that their vote doesn't count, or they simply do not care.

    Until this attitude in this country changes nothing will.

    So please make you voice heard and your vote count...get out and vote.

    There are volunteers set up all across the country to help those who can not get out.

    I am proud to say I am a registered voter and have been since I was 18.

    I hope everyone here is too.

    Don't forget to vote,

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    I agreeGo out and vote next election and do some research and find out which party has a history of voting for raising mininum wage.

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    Oprah that week did a couple of shows that I felt were well presented and were actually showing the terrible hardships some people endure. I was actually delighted she was back on track showing some shows with clout instead of the airy fairy stuff she had gotten into of late(like the must have some designer bag, like the making fun of women who wear sweats all the time etc)

    I thought that the show really showed how hard it is to live on minimum wage, and remember the two presenters had decent jackets and shoes and good dental work-try applying for a job with rotted teeth! Or with little to no education! Free dental clinics are few and far between. My sister always used to say soap and water don't cost much but you know when you are living on so little soap and water for laundry costs and awful lot.

    I have wanted for ages to have vouchers issued for laundromats like free tokens so poorer people can actually wash and dry their clothes. This need is always overlooked. Also half way houses could open their laundry faciloities to the poor in exchange for some food prep help or something.

    We are a family of three living on around $20,000 pa in an area where costs are pretty high, for eg our gas(petrol) has been $3.15 minimum for over a week now, so the food costs are higher plus the utilities are higher due to delivery system and the weather is extremely cold winter extremely hot summers. Our saving grace is that we practically own our own home so have just taxes and a tiny loan to pay and no other debt.

    Everyone has the power to change things with their vote in this country and one just has to get out and vote for people who will support hospitals, health care, schools and the poor. I know many people who would work but daren't as they would lose their Medicaid as there is no stop gap in many states that make sense.

    To move into an apartment in the first place one needs first, last and down for security. If I ever had money I would love to have a fund that provided for that. When we moved out of our apartment they did not return the last month and security for a month, even though the apartment passed inspection the day we moved out. People NEED a law that lets them have that money back immediately so they can use it elsewhere.

    I write and am on the email lists of all our congressmen, senators and the governor as well as local officials. Let them know they are OUR representatives. I do not get to vote, but I sure influence others. This is not about what makes ME better off it is what is the right and decent thing to do. It is not about whether it is one party or the other(and BTW political posts slamming one party or the other are not acceptable on the board so any comments like that need deleting or this good thread will get canned) it is about using your influence to make sure whomever the reps are, that they are fighting for the most needy and not just taking care of lobbyists from big organisations.

    A local church near here just put together their 2,000 th quilted sleeping bag for the poor-we all have to pitch in like this when we can.

    Today happens to be Stay out of Work day for immigrants. This is to show how dependent we are upon their very cheap labor, and how we need to make sure work permits are issued rather than the huge illegal trade that companies are using. The crop industries would collapse without these immigrants and we need to make sure they can obtain legitimate work permits and obtain more than the pittance they are paid.

    This country builds its wealth on the underclass and we need to turn that around and level the playing field for sure.

    This is a good OT but please those of you who have gotten after a named party please delete that line so this can stay up.


    Anne C
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    Today a certain party announced they intend to push for a mininum wage increase. Can't say which party as that is not allowed. Check the news and you can't run from the facts.

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    I am living on social security.I am not so sure an increase in wages is the answer. When wages go up all prices rise accordingly.If an employer pays his help more ,his product will be more expensive.Seems like a vicious circle to me.
    The rich get richer,and the poor only get poorer.America used to be like an apple pie it had top crust ,a middle filling and a bottom crust.The middle is fast disappearing.And the middle is what made this country so great.I truly wish someone could come up with the answer to our countrys many problems,I fear for my children and grandchildren.
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    for this post. I too, think that it is an important conversation that is currently not heard enough on mainline media.

    I did catch a little of one of those shows of Oprah's. I only caught a a small part of the end and I do not remember what the name of her guest was. They were discussing the fragile existance of people who live on minimum wage, and she was very sympathetic, but at one point she asked how people got themselves into such miserable lives. Her guest mentioned (basically) bad choices and ...."luck".

    At this point, Oprah strongly interjected that she did not believe in "luck". In other words, everyone gets what they deserve. I think Oprah has done a lot of good....but this last statement is why I have a hard time with her viewpoint these days.

    Oprah has a brilliant mind (especially in marketing). I belive she should be grateful for the mind she had the LUCK to be born with.
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    I agree with you completely. raising minimum wage is just putting everything into a big circle.. in the end all remains the same as pre raises only a much higher level.
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    and outside of san francisco...rent for an average two bedroom apt..that accepts section 8 vouchers..i do not have one...

    my rent is 1,280.00 a month..2 bd/2 bath..some people pay more here...in the1300 range...

    how the heck can a couple afford to live on minimum wage here...after taxes...and feed childrenn...are you kidding..

    but that is what they pay around here...

    wages do not keep up w/cost of living....

    well it going ot be rich adn only the poor living here..

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    Thanks to all who put in your opinions. I thought is was interesting. Finally I was able to post a topic that concerns many. Social Security is also a subject that is touchy. So far from what I've seen noone who needs it gets what they deserve and the amount is horrific. How in the **** are people supposed to live on 400. a month. My Mom gets 195.,my stepdad didn't allow her to work much so this is all she can get. Then medicare takes 76. so she actually gets 119. If it wasn't for her being stepdad's legal guardian and being able to support herself with some of the money I don't know what she would do.

    Anyway if you want to write letters to politicians got any ideas what to say. I like to see what you think first.
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