Mind fog - Can it be unveiled

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    I have mind fog every day. It usually starts after 10-15 minutes I wake up (If I don't have right at that time.) and last until I manage to fall asleep.

    After reading some CFS articles, I started to take some supplements (Magnesium, CoQ10 (had been taken for a long time), B12).

    What natural treatments do you use for headache and mind fog? I would be interested in the dose, too.

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    Believe it or not, I have found something to help with my mind fog. I began an "intestinal cleansing" program. I just finished it - it took 30 days. A few days after I started, I could feel my brain becoming clearer. I also experienced less pain and fatigue. The regimen is made up of different herbs. Now I also find that when I eat too many carbs, I get sleepy and foggy. So cutting down on carbs, trying to eat very little wheat and yeast, also helps.

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    Hello Anette2,

    Thank you for the valueable information. Now, that you made me
    interested I would like to get some more. :)
    First of all, what does "carbs" mean. (You know, ESL);)

    Here in Finland, people mostly eat rye and not wheat. Is that also bad for us?
    Yeast? It is not quite clear for me. Can you give me some examples of products containing yeast? Do you mean bread, some cookies and so on?

    Well, actually I am interested in this "intestinal cleansing" too if it the "recipe" is available.


    PS: Is it only me who is get lost after pushing reply. I guess it should not be always the first post of a thread to be shown. By the time I reply I just forgot to whom and what did she wrote. Well, it might be just the fog. :(