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  1. emttoni

    emttoni New Member

    Good to see you back here! Ive been off and on for the last few weeks with issues with dd and her exboyfriend but now thats almost over Im hoping to back on here more!

    Hows things going your way? Hope your doing okay. Im too busy to crash but feel a big one coming. See ya!

  2. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Hello ~emttoni~,

    I have been running around like a guy chasing a chicken with it’s head cut off.

    I just want to take a nap.

    My Court date is coming up “soon”, real soon.

    My wife took my kids and moved to KCMO with another Gent.

    Mom moved up here to hang with me until I get Disability

    Yeah it’s been tough to get on here.

    Kansas City MO is where we came from.

    My dd just got a boy friend there. I guess I won’t be able to chaperone.

    Thank you Toni for your concern.

    I’ll see you on here later,

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  3. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Hey ~Toni~ I’ve got an even better one. www.pandora.com
    Do you know what this is? No of course you don’t.
    If you do, I’m sure going to feel stupid.
    This is another Internet Radio Station.
    Only this time you get to make your own station with your own bands.

    I ain’t seen nut-n like it.
    But don’t just punch it up that fast.
    I’ve got to warn you not to add to many bands to fast.
    They play other bands that sound similar to your picks.
    Some I’ve never heard of and some I have.
    You can choose to get rid of the Band if you don’t like them, but you have to do it while they are playing.
    So it is wise to do it while you’re on the PC at the time.

    If you so choose to try it then the "Guide us" button is where you go to get rid of some band you don't care for.
    At the same time I also choose the "guide us" button to vote that I like the band.
    In hopes that I can narrow them down to only what I like.

    I loved the AOL satellite radio, but I wanted desperately to get rid of AOL.
    Mostly because I wanted high speed and I had to get it from who's giving it.
    Also, you can choose to minimize it so you can do whatever else you're doing on the net.

    Well, I think I blathered on long enough.
    see you when you return,

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Just wanted to say thanks for the reminder of Pandora, Dan. I'd heard about it, but never took the time to check it out.

    So I'm having fun entertaining my brain-dead mind right now...

    thanks to you!

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