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    Large amounts of vitamins like 25,000 mg of Vit C when administered thru IV? My doctor does what he calls a miner's cocktail. A mega dose of vitamins and minerals to kick start the body. He said he does it himself once a month and it's a great energy boost! One time at the vitamin shoppe the lady said my body could not take 1000mg of calcium at one time it would not absorb. Does that apply to all vitamins in large doses or only the calcium?

    Anyone ever have this done?

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    I have had a Meyers Cocktail which is IV vitamins and minerals. I don't think there is that much vitamin C in it though. I do find that this is very helpful for energy and immune boosting.

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    I'm w/ Pianowoman in that I also get a Myer's Cocktail tailored to my vitamin/mineral deficiencies. It doesn't pay so to speak to get certain vitamins or minerals that we are not deficient in.

    I get vitamin C (can't remember the exact dose, but it's relatively high), B complex, Mg (very helpful as acts as a muscle relaxant), chromium (everytime I'm tested the test results say, "none detected." Chromium is very important for metabolism and building and maintaining muscles), Calcium and whatever else I need at the moment. I get tested for deficiencies every couple of months but receive the infusion/IV once a week.

    I can't take most vitamins/minerals orally as my stomach is way too sensitive, and I don't absorb anything.

    It can't hurt to try the Myer's Cocktail if your insurance pays for it.

    Keep us posted. Hope it helps!!

    LB32 (Leeza)

    I have CFIDS/M.E., FM/MPS complex, Lyme, small pituitary adenoma, GI problems, incessant, 24/7 head pain, etc.
  4. mxmom419

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    checked! hee-hee!

    My results showed Extreme amount of Zinc and calcium. Very Low Vit C and Magnesium and Manganese. I am taking supplements but, it sounded like the IV therapy would be exactly what my body needs. I go this Friday I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Thanks for the imput!

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