Mini strokes that don't show on MRI/MRA

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  1. cstraley3

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    Hi everyone, I'm a fibro pt and new here and have been reading your posts. They're so informative and interesting. I'm having all the symptoms of TIA's, but clear MRI and MRA. Any ideas as to what is causing this and what I can do?
  2. 1faith

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    I don't think they show up on MRI's. Be sure to see your doc if you haven't already. A TIA is often a warning of impending CVA (full blown stroke).
  3. cstraley3

    cstraley3 New Member

    Thanks for the reply! My doctor said 'since there was no ishcemic activity on the MRI' then it's not TIA's. But, I have them..full blown with facial sagging...about once a week. See another doctor?
  4. 1faith

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    See another doc if he's not looking into it any further. What about Bell's palsy? I really don't know anything about it except there is temporary paralysis and it's often brought on from a stressor. There's so many freaky neuro symptoms with the FM-maybe it's another one of those. Is your doc trying ANYTHING to prevent the attacks?
  5. mindbender

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    What is a mini stroke? I had a mental breakdown a yr ago and am afraid of this feeling of loose, weak mind.
  6. 1faith

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    A TIA/ministroke is an episode where part of the brain doesn't get enough oxygen-often because some of the junk on the artery wall somewhere breaks loose and goes to the brain clogging off blood supply to that area. Symptoms are usually short term-like a few minutes, weakness, dizziness, problems talking, impaired vision-unfortunately similar to FM neuro symptoms.
  7. 1faith

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    Unfortunately I've heard and recently experienced the problems with speech. I don't mean inability to speak-just that it's a little "thick"-slower to come out. I've got a friend who does the same thing-can tell she's in a flare on the phone! And the vision I can't explain-I just know mine is worse when everything else goes haywire. Once I even got a blind spot in my central vision in one eye-freaked me out. Saw a specialist-he said it was likely caused from a virus of some sort and would resolve on its own-it did. My advice like yours remains the same-pursue it with the doc.
  8. cstraley3

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    Thanks you guys! It's so hard to know when to take what the doctor says as 'gospel'. And, as you know, with fibro, the more I complain about something, the more the doc thinks I'm a hypochondriac. I'll see another doctor next week. Guess I just needed a push. Thanks!!!
  9. sfd647

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    Recently I had an episode one night going to my car. It only lasted for a few seconds. Because nothing stayed the same, I dismissed it. When it happened, it felt like my foot was dragging and everything stopped; but then I started to talk and I could. I was also able to walk. These were the things that I thought of if one had a stroke. You always hear of a sagging face, hard to talk and move. At least I have had friend who did have strokes. Upon talking to two doctor friends of mine, they had suggested I should have my clinic doctors that I was seeing at the time to run a CAT scan/ MRI. I was told that I may have had a TIA. Well those doctors ignored me so I went back to my other doctor who knew me and he wrote me up for a MRI last January. The MRI DID show that I had suffered two mini strokes. I don't understand why other comments have been saying that a TIA doesn't show on a MRI because mine did. Keep checking. It's YOUR life.

  10. 1faith

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    I didn't mean to upset anyone re the MRI/TIA etc thing. They often do not show up on MRI. That doesn't mean never and again-if anyone is having such scarey symptoms I think they should see their Dr. I pray that you don't have anymore of them!
  11. Mindy7

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    there is temporary blockage, there is no permanant damage. TIA means Transient Ischemic attack. They are not a small stroke, they don't occlude long enough to cause damage.
    absolutely go to the hopital, Dr May want to do an arteriogram of the carotid arteries, sometimes they can become partially blocked too. Then they do an enarterectomy to clear them, to prevent further strokes.

    If a smaller vessel is occluded, they may want to start blood thinners to prevent small clots forming and occluding the blood vessels, that are already partially occluded.

    The reason they don't show up on CT scan or MRI, is that a stroke won't show up on CT scan until there is cell death 1-3 days later. If it shows up on CT scan it was a stroke, not a TIA.

    Even in the case of a true stroke going to the hospital immediately means they may be able to use clot busters, like in a heart attack and decrease, or maybe even reverse the damage, but they can only be used for an hour or 2 after the stroke has occured, or it is too late. Always go to the ER when you have these symptoms

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  12. sfd647

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    That was a great explanation Mindy 7 about TIA versus an actual small/mini stroke. However, that isn't what my doctor said to me. When describing what a TIA was, he did say what those initials stood for that you explained as well; but he said that they were small strokes. Hit fast and leave. They are not like a full blown stroke leaving some type of nerve damage such as paralysis, face sagging or numbness anywhere, or problems with speech, etc. That is why I mentioned TIA with a small/mini stroke. He is a doctor of physical medicine/rehabilitation. Two other doctors confirmed the description the same way. However, in the long run, no matter TIA, small/mini stroke, etc.. get yourself to a hospital to be sure. Don't wait!! You never know if you would have a large stroke that would follow after! Don't ever be embarrased about being right or not. It is better to have it ruled out then to rule you out of the game of life.
  13. Beachtrekker1

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    My former husband was a Speech Pathologist and knew quite abit about TIA's. I have severe migranes and found out that you can also have stroke like symptoms with them. If in question, always get it checked out. And don't let them make you feel like a fool. I'd rather be a live fool than a dead one!
  14. lucky

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    I did have a mini stroke and was hospilized with it. The symptoms were that I fell over, fell against the bathroom door and had slurring speech and just could not move and get up. My dear husband phoned 911 and an ambulance took me to the nearby hospital. I went through all tests and the CT scan showed a clogged artery. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days, but nobody could figure out after MRI and other tests what caused the stroke. I believe it could have been some medication, and although it is almost one year ago, I am not the same as I was before. I have CFS and FMS and it confirms that there are chances of having a mini stroke.

    Best regards, Lucky
  15. crysandson

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    look here to understand why Tia don't show up on mri