minimally invasive spinal fusion

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    I am having minimally invasive spinal fusion on L5-s1 also a large annular tear- I am having lots of pain due to the sciatica also. I am afraid- the surgery is on 1-15. I pray all goes well and it helps! I've had fibro. for about 5 yrs. The stress of upcomming surgery has had me in a alot of over-all pain the fibro is flaring. Nothing seems to help right now. I maybe sleep 4-5 hours a night.. I take bupeprion & hydrocodone for the pain it does not help much. I don't want to be so down- Has anyone had this type of surgery? Did it help?
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    I had minimal invasive surgery on 3 disks in my neck here in Germany. If the doctors use the same or a simular procedure as what I had you will probally have no problems at all. My roommate at the hospital came in with a spine problem so bad that he could not even walk. He had his surgery after mine. Was probally in the OR from 12 noon to around 3 or 4 pm. By 8 pm that same night he was walking around in the room and hall with hardly no pain whatsover. He went home the next day and I happened to see him on a checkup visit to the doctor around a month later and he said he felt and was doing fine! So please try not to worry. I will be praying for you.
    God Bless,
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    Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with this as I too am having the same surgery.
    I am having it on two levels and have heard quite a few great success stories!
    I met a woman in my neurosurgeons office last week and she is 77 years young! She had the surgery only six weeks ago and told me she went home the next day! She also said it was the best thing that has happened to her , she was in pain for years!
    She looked wonderful and said she did not even need a cane when she came home.
    It made me feel much better.
    I am saying a prayer for you and your surgery.

    I guess as soon as we can sit back at our computers we can compare our progress.

    Good luck and bless you,

  4. sleeplesssand

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    Hi, Thank you so much for the possitive note- it puts my mind at ease. I am hopeful with Gods mighty hand he will guide the doctor and all will be well. I am told I will only have to spend one night and I will be up and walking the first day. Again THANK YOU!God Bless, Sandra