Minnesota - NT Factor and weight loss

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    Minnesota - NT Factor and weight loss

    I was reading the abstract of your weight loss study published in the Journal of IiME last year, using a nutritional supplement with NT Factor and a “starch blocker.” (Healthy Curb) How does that work? I wonder what causes hunger, and does NT Factor always reduce hunger even when not in this formula?

    “Dietary supplement Healthy Curb for reducing weight, girth, body mass, appetite and fatigue while improving blood lipid values with NTFactor Lipid replacement therapy” (Journal of IiME, Spring 2009)


    The new product called Healthy Curb that was based on the FDA-approved starch blocker or amylase inhibitor that blocks carbohydrate uptake and NT Factor. A few years ago it was noticed that NT Factor suppresses appetite. When participants in a clinical study used the starch blocker and NT Factor together (Healthy Curb) they experienced gradual and consistent weight loss along with waist and hip reductions during a two-month period. In addition, there was a 44% reduction in overall hunger with reduced cravings for sweets, indicating notable appetite suppression. The entire test group also showed an average of 23% increase in their overall energy levels. Blood lipid profiles generally improved, suggesting improved cardiovascular health, and no adverse effects were noted clinically or found in blood chemistries of the participants. No adverse effects were observed or reported. Thus the all-natural HealthyCurb is a safe and extremely well tolerated weight loss product.

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