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    Can a person with alzheimers minulate a caregiver. Examble after lunch will start to go for a walk, will start breathing heavy & can't hardly walk back to his chair, but can go down the hill to get mail and again to get paper at noon & 3pm. And do the same minulating about a snack.
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    I would say the answer is yes, a person with AD can manipulate a caregiver the same way a toddler will manipulate a parent. I don't think they do it deliberately to manipulate, rather I think they do it to have some sense of control over their situation.
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    Thank you, my family says he can't, but I say he can. His actions is that of a 2 year old. They think he could fall. I think they are over reacting, I don't what to make he an invalid to soon.
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    Here...MIL is mostly in a fog.....BUT if she knows her friend is coming on Tues mornings (mind you we do tell her the night before that her friend is coming in the morning)........she's up before we wake her and just as alert as the early birds. Any other morning, she's in her pouting mode. She knows she isn't going anywhere that day..........so pouts and sometimes I think I hear her humming the song, "Gloom, despair and agony on me." LOL Yeah they do know somethings and can manipulate to a degree. She doesn't fool me. heh heh


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    This is the love of my life I'm talking about, I have lived with him 48 years. I have been reading this message board for 8 months. It has helped me a lot. I should say he is my husband. They keep me feeling like I'm not watching him good enough, but I think I am.