MIRAC, anyone heard of it? Tried it? Comments from our experts?

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    In the new issue of Fibromyalgia Aware magazine there is an ad for a product called MIRAC. It says "Mirac is a patented unique set of naturally occurring regulatory molecules found in fruits and vegetables that helps relieve the pain of this disorder (FMS). Their website says it helps with lupus, arthritis, autoimmune diseases in general. The ad also says "Mirac is designed specifically for FMS sufferers to attenuate the neuro-endocrine loop called the HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal) axis..."

    They have a website. If you type mirac into the search box, look for Berean Development in the listed sites.

    This one is new to me, and while there is data on the website, most of the rationale is beyond me to follow, despite my nursing background/education.

    Is this one of those too good to be true things, or maybe a real help??? Comments??


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    Maybe someone else has.
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    don't want this to get lost just yet...