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  1. crickett

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    I would like to know if anyone else is doing the mms ??? I have just began on it . I would like to know if they feel any energy or just the same ol same ol??? I still do my baking soda and panthine and moly and i just thought i would try this . I have been in such a bad fog!!! I hate these days and it just makes me feel so sad. Also i read that it helps to take chemicals out of the body is this true or just another waste of money!! also i thought that i read that this helps with people with chrons disease??? I suffer from colitis. Still hangin in there. thanks
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    Just wondering are you still taking the MMS and have you found it has helped you? Did you use 'the citric acid and wait three minutes method'?
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    Hi Crickett, Meg1710,

    I'm currently doing the MMS and find it to be very helpful. I'm experiencing a bit extra energy and other subtle and not so subtle benefits. I posted on some of my experiences on a thread entitled <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1279713&B=FM#1279713">Jump Starting Mitochondria with MMS ? [DCA Notes]</a>. (Note: This is quite a lengthy post.)

    Besides giving me some fairly immediate benefits, my experience tells me there's a lot of potential for future benefits, and I look forward to seeing what this might all be able to do for me in the coming months.

    Regards, Wayne
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    I was just going to bring this up on the board, and so thanks for doing it first!

    My attention to this was drawn because I've recently been doing IV's of Vitamin C. When I use a smaller dosage (25 cc), they feel just supportive (to be specific, decreasing my feelings of toxicity from poison mold).

    At a higher dosage (50 cc), they seem to be exercising a pathogen-killing effect and giving me die-off symptoms. (My belief is that they are primarily killing off lyme, though there may be other pathogens too.)

    The literature is pretty clear that high-dose Vitamin C does indeed kill pathogens. I didn't understand why until both Rich van K and my doctor explained it to me though.

    Apparently if the body receives a high dose of Vitamin C during a short period of time, it does not have enough resources to convert it all for ordinary use. Some of it thus is converted into hydrogen peroxide, which is held in the intracellular matrix. Hydrogen peroxide provides an inhospitable climate for many pathogens, and so they die. (Cancer cells also tend to be inhibited, which is why very high-dose vitamin C is sometimes used for those patients.)

    I bring this up because Rich van K noted that Miracle Mineral Solution would do a similar thing. The difference is that instead of being converted to hydrogen peroxide, the stuff in MMS gets converted into chlorine dioxide.

    Rich suggests that this is even more potent than hydrogen peroxide when it comes to killing pathogens. If so, then someone like me (who experiences a big effect just from the Vitamin C/H2O2) likely would get a big negative reaction (in the short-term) from it.

    I am uncertain why it is that my body evidences such huge die-off reactions to everything that I try. Certainly, some CFS patients can take antibiotics or mild antivirals and achieve some progress without getting really sick in the process. So I wouldn't be surprised if some people are able to use this MMS and just feel better as a result.

    I think it's highly unlikely I'll be able to use it even in the smallest quantity possible (maybe 1/100th of a drop?) without getting a negative short-term reaction. That doesn't mean that I'm not open to trying it though.

    To the extent that I make an attempt to reduce my pathogen problem, I would strongly prefer to do it in ways that exclude prescription antivirals and prescription antibiotics. Having this as an option seems like it could be really useful.

    Thus, if you have thoughts or experiences with it, please share!
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  5. andreake

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    I ordered some and took it a few times. Tasted like drinking bleach!!! Not that I wouldn't do it if it helped.

    One night I got the stomach flu after I took it and I haven't been able to take it since. I know the stuff can make you sick, but I'm pretty sure it was the flu.

    Please let us know if it helps as I would gag it down again if I thought it would.

    The reason I tried it was because a long time ago I read an article about fibromyalgia in horses and it was caused by a bacteria in the small intestine that antibiotics are ineffective with.

    Anyway....keep us posted
  6. restauranthell

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    I am up to seven drops a day. I have noticed a bump in energy. It was recommended to me from an alternative doctor that treats cancer patients in Reno.
    I respect the man's opinion.

    for the $ I think it is worth trying.
  7. cct

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    I have ordered, and received, a "starter kit", but I have not started the protocol.

    I plan to begin taking the mixture next week.

  8. victoria

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    altho I'm not.

    They are getting all very varied responses...

    I have posted on the lyme board about it, not much has changed as they are still getting reactions, so won't go into it all here.

    It is also used, btw, to purify water when camping as well...

    all the best,

  9. dfwx

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    MMS Miracle Mineral Solution is sodium chlorite (a form of chlorine). They want you to add citric acid to it to turn it to chloride doxide - another form of chlorine and exactly what is used as the chemical in swimming pools.

    Chloride dioxide is one the most dangerous of all chemicals. It causes cancer, birth defects, infertility, damages kidneys, liver, the nervous system and is rated among the worst chemicals for damaging the eco-system.

    See www.inoneminutecure.com/mms.htm

    for more details.

    The Multi Level Marketing company that picked up this old wackos book - he claims that because chlorine kills germs therefore if you drink it in concentrated form it will kill disease - put their army of affiliate sellers who get a big commission writing fake testimonials, posting fake studies, swearing WILL cure everything from cancer to snoring - in hundreds and hundreds of websites - including paid advertising.

    This product, Miracle Mineral Supplement pushed by MLM companies is no different than in the 1920s when those same type people and companies were taking out magazine ads literally selling radioactive water as the cure to all diseases - claiming radiation kills germs and virus so therefore radiation will cure everything including cancer - just like the affiliate advertisers and that old wacko claim that drinking cancer and health destructive chlorine will cure all diseases.

    Most scams don't hurt you. They just take your money. This one can (and will) destroy your health and ultimately kill you.
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    Bumping to try to read later :)
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    and some other links are at:

    This was also an interesting thread that included Rich Van Konenenberg (sp)...