Miracle Reds and Miracle Greens reduce inflammation in body.

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    Every so often I mention these products here because of all the supplements I used, these helped me more than anything. Especially to heal my digestive system. I had years of damage to my gut from undiagnosed gallbladder disease. I finally had surgery 11/6 and one year later was I still was not ok.

    I started the miracle reds powder drink about a year ago now. I also add 1/2 to 1 tsp of Acacia fiber each night. No more constipation, no more discomfort at all. I had never heard of acacia fiber but ordered it anyway. It is the greatest - very gentle with no bloating. It is used for IBS and will help both constipation, or stop loose stools.

    I can eat whatever want, my system seems about as good as it can be. I am so thankful and must share this with others here who might be helped. Mostly I just feel great in a way I can't remember.

    I have asked ProHealth to carry the miracle reds products. Below is some Q&A from the founder, Dr. Edward Wagner., talking about fibromyalgia and CFS.

    FAQ Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Recommendations By Dr. Edward Wagner, DC

    QUESTION: Do you have a recommended program using Macro Greens?


    Well, I recommend starting the day with a tablespoon of Macro Greens mixed in water or organic apple juice. Then 20 minutes later, eat some yogurt and berries or some oatmeal. In the late morning and again in the late afternoon, have another teaspoon of MG, again mixed with water or juice. Use it in place of coffee as a quick “pick me up.” Eat a balanced lunch and dinner of healthy protein and vegetables. Do this for six weeks, religiously, and you will notice more energy and a different body shape. The more committed you are to the program, the more quickly and effectively your health will improve.

    QUESTION: You don’t mention many carbohydrates. Are there any good carbohydrates that you recommend?


    Vegetarians eat entirely too much brown rice. It’s difficult to digest. I think good pasta is a great carbohydrate source. I particularly like the brand DeBoles. And for bread, eat sourdough. It’s the easiest to digest as it kills mold and is already partially digested for you.

    QUESTION: The program you lay out is pretty limited. How will people stick to it? And in particular, those with a more acidic condition in the body crave carbs and sweets. How will they resist?


    That’s where Macro Greens works better than any supplement I’ve seen. In feeding your body the vital nutrients it needs at a cellular level with each serving of Macro Greens, your body responds by craving more of the same. You will find that once you start drinking Macro Greens, your body will actually crave healthy food. Junk food, sweets, carbs—they will no longer appeal to you. And it immediately begins to alkalize the body, so the acidic condition neutralizes and cravings diminish. It puts your body on the right track.

    He is not addressing the miracle reds which I believe helped me even more. I read it lowers the acidity in your body therefore reducing inflammation. These products are not cheap but you may find them on sale sometimes.

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    thanks for sharing this. It's great to hear that you've had such good results with these supplements. I have major gall bladder problems right now and will try these ASAP.

    Thanks again!

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