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    Awhile back I asked for prayer for my neighbor's son Larry. He had cancer and wasn't expected to live. Larry lives his life based on his faith in God. Several years ago he had colon cancer and was healed. 6 months ago he was told he had lung cancer. For the sake of his wife and children he agreed to undergo chemo. He had complications and had to stop. The prognosis was not good. He refused radiation because it could cause damage. He put all his trust in God. He never for one minute doubted that God would heal him.

    He continued to see other doctors to pacify his family. Numerous test all showed terminal cancer. Finally, about a week ago he was scheduled for surgery to remove the lower half of his lung.This was supposed to buy him a little more time.

    Through all of this everyone had been praying for him. On the day of the surgery his sister called him and told him not to go through with it. Told him he needed to get an x-ray first. So he cancelled his surgery and had his doctor request an x-ray. The doctor was so confused by the result that they did a cat scan, mri, and lab to verify. Larry is cancer free. His lungs are clear and healthy.


    I met Larry yesterday. He is the picture of health. He wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers but had one more request for everyone. He asks everyone to stop praying for his health. He doesn't need it. God has completely healed him. Instead he would like everyone to praise God and thank Him for restoring Larry's health.
    He also asks that you share this testimony with others.

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    God can work miracles all the time. Tell Larry I praise God for what he has done for him.
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    Lois, that is such great news it really made my day. I am so happy for Larry and his family. This is so encouraging for other cancer patients. I hope it gives some people out there hope.

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    Tell Larry that I'll be praying for his future. God certainly must have a special plan for this man. I'll be praising the Lord for his healing.

    God bless,
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    We need shirts that say "I don't believe in miracles - I rely on them!"
    God is still in the miracle business and having faith is, I believe, the catalyst.