Miracles, Prayer and Blessings.

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    I posted under my original request for prayer but then feared that some who replied would not see my response...so...

    First, this unique congregation of souls, brought or drawn here due to our common ailments, is a place of strength...a place of peace, at times... and a place where prayers are answered and miracles occur.

    Just a few moments ago Will answered the phone and it was his father telling him the trip to north texas was OFF! You never saw such a relieved little boy! He has a testimony that this time, the Lord responded, and spared him this trip, for now. By the time such a trip takes place perhaps he (Will) will have a better comfort level. The prayers from you wonderful people were heard and acted upon. A sincere, heartful thank you from Will and myself!

    **Miracles happen here everyday. When I cannot find the keys, misplaced a med .... after I have diligently searched and searched; I ask Heavenly Father aloud for help and 9 out of 10 times, the "lost" item will make itself manifest! Don't laugh as I am most serious. Time after time after time this has occurred! There was a time in my life and probably yours too, where we never needed special help in organizing our belongings but this crazy syndrome does this to us. At those times when I really need to find something I do consider it a miracle that the Lord either places the object where I can see it or otherwise reveals its location!!
    Now, for your prayers, I give thanks and no doubt you will receive blessings from He who is higher than us all. Love CactusLil'
  2. Deb J

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    I asked that your child not be put thru this and he won't have to be. I just get concerned when someone unfamiliar with the child takes them far away. I just don't trust it...especially when he is fighting you in court.
    Let your mind rest at ease, at least for now.
    Deb J
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    I am so relieved. I have tried a couple of times to call you (phone) but could not get an answer. Left message on Tina's phone. Now I don't need an answer.... I have the answer I was praying for. Hugs, and Love, Rose
  4. Shirl

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    Oh Lil, I could cry reading your post! How wonderful the Lord is! I just want to say: 'Praise Him, Praise Him' whose lives He holds in His most capable hands.

    Give your little guy a hug and kiss for me! I can sleep well tonight knowing he is right there with his Mom!

    God Bless you lady, all the kind things you do, come flooding back to you! You cast your bread upon the waters and it comes back seven fold!

    Shalom!!! Shirl
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    I am so happy for you and your son . I am sure it was a big relief for both of you. I will continue to pray for you both. God Bless, BonnieQ
  6. Jackie F

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    unto me. We can bring them in prayer and He will lift them up.

    Miracles happen every moment but go unreported! Thanks for the report!

    Jackie F