Mirapex for RL and FMS

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  1. 4DJ

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    My DR. has given me a large dose mirapex< 4mg. per day for my RL and he said it might work on the FMS as well.And I believe it has made a huge difference in my life. I sleep better and have more good days than bad now. 700 to 800 mg. a day of magnesium also helps. But the magnesium takes a while to work, maybe months, but in the end it is worth the wait. God Bless --DJ--
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    Do you have any side affects from the mirapex. Doesnt that deal with dopamine? When do you take magnesium because I am exhausted.
  3. ourlife

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    I have been on Mirapex for years now for RLS. At first it made me sleepy but after time it doesn't. I am on 2mg at night. It saved me. Just take it a little earlier becuase if i take it to late i am groggy the next morning. It is a wonderful drug.
  4. 4DJ

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    It is alot of magnesium so I take it with my biggest meal. Or take it at intervals thru out the day. It can take months for it to work so be patient. Mirapex can make you a bit drowzy so I take most of it at night and some during the day 4mg total. But I do not feel groggy in the morning. It has real changed my life. When you start having more good days than bad you know you have hit GOLD! I hope these can bring you some relief. Take Care and God Bless --4DJ--
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    I took mirapex for nine years. During that time I had difficulty sleeping. I would wake up at four or five am without being able to go back to sleep. I am now off of mirapex under the supervision of a neurologist. I reduced mirapex by ,25 per month. I found that I do not now have restless leg. My dad had RLS at one time and it also went away so I wanted to see if this was true for me. I sleep like a baby now. I don't wake up till 8:am or later and I usually sleep through the night. So although mirapex can make you sleepy it seems that it disrupts sleep as well. I also gained a lot of weigbt on mirapex and I am hoping I can finally lose weight.
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    Mirapex has been mentioned to me and I saw this older posts. Thank you for your information. I was a little unsure of taking it. I was reading the side effects from a site I frequent. Mirapex Side Effects - http://www.pharmacydrugguide.com/Mirapex_Side_Effects
    I was wondering if anyone has had any of the other side effects like memory (which I already have fog). The hallucinations, unusual thoughts and dreams that is listed has has me a little concerned.