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  1. kimmyTN09

    kimmyTN09 New Member

    Hello All,
    A few days ago there was a segment on my local news about using the drug mirapex for fibromyalgia. It is commonly used for Parkinson's Disease but got great results in a trial with FM patients. It said the only side effect was weight loss. Has anyone tried this drug or even heard of it? I would appreciate any answers or opinions.

    Gentle Hugs to All,
  2. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    Hi Kim- yes I tried mirapex 2 times. My doctor prescribed it for restless leg syndrome. Both times I tried it I woke in the night with terrible cramping. When I got up I was so dizzy I could hardly walk and was so sick with I had to lay on a towel on the bathroom floor until I could get back to the bed. I will never try it again.
  3. Dalphia

    Dalphia New Member

    Yes, I take Mirapex, 3 tablets at bedtime. My doctore at the FFC prescribed this to me for sleep improvement. I must say, it does help with relaxation of muscles at bedtime and I haven't noticed any side effects. In addtion, I think it helps with pain and muscle fatigue.
  4. kimmyTN09

    kimmyTN09 New Member

    So sorry to hear you had terrible results Nana. I guess it all depends upon the person.

    Dalphia, on the other hand, glad you are seeing good results.

    I have been on either trazodone or ambien for sleep for many years, and use tramadol when the pain becomes intolerable. My shoulders sting and knot up daily. I am constantly wearing those Thermacare heat wraps on them.

    Thanks to both of you for your answers
    Take care,
  5. Musica

    Musica New Member

    see the thread "Need back-up on Mirapex" or something like that. I posted the article by Dr. Holman, who is the one who did the study on Mirapex with severe FM patients.
  6. ksc

    ksc New Member

    My rhumy has been using it for over2 years now. He did a trial on it and had good results with it. Dr. Dryland has a book out on it called "The Fibromyalgia Cure". There are side effects to it. But once you get use to it- life goes on.
  7. dan0248

    dan0248 New Member

    Hey I did some research on this drug a year or so back. It was being used by a Doctor to treat the fatigue that goes along with FM and CFS and tremors. It is a Parkinson’s drug that is used to treat tremors and fatigue. I lost a little weight but the best thing was it really did help with the fatigue. You know what I’m talking about the times that we moved from the bed to the couch to the bed day after day. I’d still be on it if my insurance carrier would pay for it. It runs about $104 a month and that’s with what ever the insurance carrier will cover. I have signed up for the new Part D plan and I should be able to get back on it at a cost of only $30 to $60 dollars a month.
  8. kimmyTN09

    kimmyTN09 New Member

    Thanks to all of you for some really good answers. My question is:
    Do you take Mirapex in the morning or night? I must take something right before bed to help me sleep, otherwise I wake up every few hours. I am on trazodone currently.

  9. neeter1

    neeter1 New Member

    I just started it on Sunday...have noticed an increase in activity..but, also, start nodding off to sleep around 8. So, when I am awake I am more active!

    PITATOO Member

    I have been on it for almost 2 months. Very lowest does and 1 pill at bedtime. Have not really noticed any difference. Does anyone know what the recommended dosage may be for fibro?
  11. ksc

    ksc New Member

    you should take it at night as it does help with sleep. I started off at 0.5 mg at night for a week and increased the amount slowly every 1-2 weeks by 0.5 mg at a time. Now I am on 3-4.5 mg at night- depending on what my day was like. I recently fell and injured myself- but before that was doing amazingly well. I was working out at the gym2-21/2 hrs 4-5 days a week. I did work with a trainer every other week so I would be using the equipment right and also he had worked with other people that had physical conditions. I have also started endurance riding- 30 milers on my horse. Never thought I would beable to do that!
  12. lassiecass

    lassiecass New Member

    Hello Kim
    I have been on the lowest dose for a month. I take one at bedtime and have had no problems. As for weight loss, I have put on about 15 pounds in the last month after losing about 20 before I started taking the Mirapex. I also take Ambien at bedtime. Hope this helps with your research.
    Happy New Year
  13. kimmyTN09

    kimmyTN09 New Member

    Hi all,
    Thanks Neeter, Pita, Kathy,and Lass! I am so glad it is working well for you Kathy! WTG!
    Sorry about the weight gain Lass, I've heard most ppl lose weight on it because it makes you nauseous, but everyone is different.
    Wishing a very happy and healthy New Year to you all!
  14. maris

    maris New Member

    Hi Kim,

    I wanted to try mirapex because I heard it helped with leg pain, the most painful area for me.

    My Doctor started me with two .25 mg tablets for three days, and then would add a tablet for another three days until I was taking eight .25 mg tablets to equal 200 mgs.
    The dose for treating fibromyagia, which is much higher than for Parkinson's.

    I have to tell you that every time the medication increased I would go into a flare and become very nauseous.

    Having tried so many other meds,I was determinded to make this medication work for me. So I stuck it out, ate crackers, candied ginger, and drank ginger ale for the nausea.

    After about a week on the full dose, the nausea left me and I noticed that I hadn't had leg pain in a very long time.
    I also lost ten pounds.

    I continue to have much less over all pain, hardly any leg pain, more energy, and not much of an appetite.

    Mirapex so far is working for me, but I had to go through some bad side effects which eventually went away.

    I hope this was helpful.
    Happy New Year!
  15. kimmyTN09

    kimmyTN09 New Member

    Hi Maris,
    Thanks so much for your reply. Sounds like you had a rough time in the beginning, but I am glad it is doing better for you now. I am very curious to try it. My pain is always in my neck and shoulders, then when they get really bad, it radiates down to my hip.
    Did taking it with food help? I am sure you probably did.
    I've had fibro for about 17 yrs now, but I don't think my case is as bad as alot in here. I do alot of stretching, eat healthy, and see a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly. Winter is hard for me as this cold weather makes me ache all over. My main problem is lack of energy and no motivation, and depression at not being able to do even little things like vacuum and clean my house regularly. Luckily my husband helps out, God bless him, but I do wish I could do more. It does help to have a positive outlook because it could be alot worse.
    Take care Maris,
  16. cupimick

    cupimick Member

    Dear Maris,

    So glad you are getting relief from this awful pain that we all seem to be suffering with from fibro.

    After reading your post I was hoping you could give me some insight on your type of leg pain. I have been in constant severe pain which never lets up and have tried everything including Kadian to tramadol as well as holistic such as acupuncture, massage, supplements etc.

    Could you describe your pain as I am hoping that maybe I could finally start living. Mine attacked the limbs, just in my legs (the muscles) and my arms. My pain (unlike what others describe) is a throbbing awful ache (like a toothache). Its 4:30 am when I should be sleeping but the constant muscle pain is thru thru the roof.

    Its real frustrating when you are young and are stricken with this insidious disease. I only hope I can get some relief and I hope maybe this drug might give me some of my life back. Glad you are doing well. Hope you health continues to improve.

    Sorry for going on and on, appreciate your help and anyone that wants to give me advice.

  17. maris

    maris New Member

    Sorry to be so late with this reply, I don't check in with regularity, my bad.

    Kim, yes I did take the mirapex with food. I also found that ginger helped me the most with nausea. The sugar coated candied kind that you find in specialty shops, or health food stores.

    I would nibble on little pieces of it, it's quite strong. Or I would sip real ginger ale. You can find this at most grocey stores under the name of Jamaican Ginger Brew.

    Deanna, My legs felt fatigued and achy all the time. The muscles had tender knots in them , it hurt to press on these knots. It felt like they were never rested, and they throbbed.
    They don't hurt nearly as much as they used to. I'd say the pain level is down from an 8 to a 3 or 4.

    A trick I learned from my myofacial therapist that helps with leg pain is to buy a 5 inch rubber ball. You can find them in the toy department at Target or a similar store.
    Get one that is not too inflated.

    Lay face down on carpet with a pillow resting under your upper body and arms, place the ball under your leg in the area of pain. Breathe deep and imagine the knot releasing.

    You can make adjustments so that the pressure is not over- whelming and tolerable.

    The pain you are feeling in your legs Deanna are knots that wont release. It's like having charlie horses in all of your major muscle groups. It's very tender and painful.

    I've posted many times about myofascial triggerpoint release therapy and self treatment. If you are interested you can do a search up in the search box.

    Mirapex also helps with energy. I have much more energy since starting the medication.

    I hope I've anwered both of your questions to the best of my knowledge.

    If you do decide to take the medication there can be a rough period of side effects, but press on, I think the pay off is worth it.

    Good luck to both of you.

  18. cupimick

    cupimick Member

    I guess, I am stupid for hoping that 2006 would be better. Its just so bad that the few gifts I bought I still can't get out to deliver them.

    I honestly, wish I were stronger but after almost 4 years and 10 months of constant suffering, why the heck didn't I just die in my sleep like my Mom? I can't go on like this guys, and I am losing faith in the medical drs and everything I have tried.

    Please don't think I am a constant complainer but I loved to work and be productive, I miss it and the fact that I'll never experience being a mother which was one of my dreams. I couldn't even take care of a baby in my condition or even hold one. It makes me so sad that I just cry and wonder why me? and I know you all must say the same.

    Please know I treasure you all, as your post and words of support thru the years meant the world to me. I just can't take the awful pain anymore. Its getting harder to cope when its seems to be getting worse. God bless all of you who have the faith and strength.


  19. MsVirgo_Oz

    MsVirgo_Oz Guest

    Hi all, some time lurker here....
    Anyone know if this is available in Australia? Has anyone tried it??
  20. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Sorry you have had such a bad New Year...I hope and pray things will get better for you. Have you seen a doctor lately about your pain? Maybe it's time for a different medication, one that works for you better. I'm no expert (don't have fibro) but it seems different things work for different people...don't give up!!! Take care and I hope things work out with your hubby.
    Love, Terri

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