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  1. emiltim

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    I have been on Mirapex for about a month now. I built up slowly to 1mg 3/day. I did have major tummy-aches, but I figured if it helped with the pain- might be worth it!

    Question: is mirapex for RLS? I don't have that, and it doesn't seem to be helping with the pain....wondering if I should continue with it????????

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. millennia

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    Mirapex is a parkinson's drug, they also use it for RLS. Studies showed that it helps a lot of people who have fibro with pain, especially leg pain. It helps me a lot, but makes me so tired and I can't sleep when I'm on it! I can't remember how long I was on it before I noticed a difference in the pain.
  3. emiltim

    emiltim New Member

    bump for any info......
  4. nonnie1967

    nonnie1967 New Member

    And I get pretty bad tummy aches, too. I have heard that Prilosec OTC is great for these, though. :) (I can't take it because it has to be swallowed whole, and I can't swallow pills.)

    I have also heard (from my doctor) that the max dosage for Mirapex is 4.5 mg/day. The Holman double-blind study found a significant improvement in pain for something like 42% of their participants at that dosage (which would translate to 1.5 mg 3x/day). It may just be that you need to hit the top dosage before you'll feel the pain reduction benefit of the drug...or, if you don't, you'll know it isn't going to help you and you can stop taking it.

    My doc just kicked me up from 0.25 mg 3x/day all the way to 1 mg 3/day. I thought that was pretty radical, so I took 0.50 mg for 2 days and 0.75 for 2 days. Today will be my first day trying the full dosage. However, I am already struggling with falling asleep on the freeway. :-(
    Time to make some changes....

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