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    Has anyone previously been told they have fibromyalgia and years later been told it is really MS? Have had fibro for many years, but so many of the symptoms keep making me think of MS. I have gotten progrssively worse over the years with the pain and seem to have new symptoms every time I have a flare-up. I'm afraid to bring this up to my doctor as I feel like I've been a lab experiment fo so long leading up to the fibro diagnosis that I hate to start all over again, but some of my symptoms are just plain weird and scary.
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    Many people with fibromyalgia, MS, CFS and other diagnoses, later found out that the CAUSE of all their symptoms was a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (Lyme disease).

    It is possible that this is what is causing your symptoms too.

    Please read this important info:




    Lyme testing is very inaccurate and should not be relied on to rule out lyme.
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    I have had a Fibro dx for about 30 yrs. My mom has MS and now my daughter has been newly dx of MS I don't seem to have gotten worse myself,but always wonder how close some of the symptom are.I got tested for Lyme, it was neg. Iam in the woods and vacation in Wisc. Husband has had 3 bites of the Lyme tick and was treated. He seems fine. Never the less I get some nasty flair-ups with achiness. Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject? Love Spongebobmama.
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    Yes in 2004 I was diagnosed with FMS. In 2006 diagnosed with RA. 2010 diagnosed with RRMS that later turned out to be SPMS. Two months later tested positive for SLE an mild case though. After that I was sent to a teaching hospital that we thought would help me to cope with my MS. Instead they tried to undiagnose my MS. My Neuro was PO'd as this is not the first time this neuro dept. at this hospital had tried to undiagnose one of his patients. This whole process of back and forth to this medical hospital to see just 2 neuro residents took 2 years!. Two 2 without any treatment for my MS .
    Now getting back to today. Saw my neuro again for the first time in 2 years . As I'd said he was PO'd about all this . I came in confused as to how one can gave 3 autoimmune diseases like theses. Was told basically I've got to accept reality that I indeed do have MS,RA,SLE and have to start treating the MS asap.
    Autoimmune disease can come in groupings . My set of AI disease is rarely seen. So rightfully I need to get retested and did. MS after a certain age can be difficult to diagnose in some people. My lesions are very small and hard to spot on a Mri.
    I'm going to be starting on copaxone soon . Its not likely to help me but its worth a try .
    Soooo Yes its very possible to have FMS and other AI diseases . People don't always understand that MS is an autoiimmune disease that affect the CNS . I hope that you don't have MS but if you do I hope that they find it soon.