Misplaced enzyme is to blame ... for CFS/ME ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by redmisket, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Headline 6th December 2008: Misplaced enzyme is to blame for quick fatigue after mild exercise in muscular dystrophy. May play role in chronic fatigue syndrome & MS as well.

    I had a muscle biopsy in the 90's to find the cause of my severe muscle fatigue. They found a missing enzyme, then changed their minds and said it was there after all.

    This new research makes me think that in the case of my biopsy, the enzyme was actually 'misplaced'. It makes sense if you read the research article on ProHealth [highlighted above].

    My belief is that restriction of blood to the muscles causes both the pain and the fatigue. I just hope they can come up with a 'viagra-type' drug that is both effective and doesn't have nasty side effects.
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    Good news. And interesting coincidence. But first, want to tell everyone that the innocent Amino Acid, L-Arginine will do pretty much the same thing as Viagara type drugs. Down side is, Arginine can reactivate Herpes viruses, so if that happens, you may have to take another Amino Acid such as Lysine or the Herb, Turmeric. Both of those will put herpes viruses in remission.

    Now the interesting coincidence. My family has 13 and possible 15, cases of Muscular Dystrophy. At least 9 are confirmed by DNA Testing. I have an appointment TOMORROW to have blood drawn for this DNA test, which is offered through Athena Labs. The type of MD that my family has is called OcularPharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy. It typically presents in the 5th or 6th decade, which is consistent with my family onset. I have been sick (with WAY more than just MD weakness) for almost 30 years, and completely disabled due to weakness for 20 years. I also don't have the ocular or swallowing problems that my other family members have (yet). But I am just now 50.

    So, should have these test results in couple weeks. Hoping this is NEGATIVE. Might want to try that Arginine. Interesting, I had a Dr. back around 1989 tell me to take Arginine. Don't remember if I stayed with it, but I remember I took Arginine and Ornithine together.
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    I was also very interested in this and other recent research regarding dystrophy and fibromyalgia. I have Myotonic Dystrophy in my family and never realized until now that it is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. My father was crippled when I was born and died when I was 8, plus 3 other siblings were severely affected. The other 3 (including me) were not symptomatic. However, now that I am in my mid-sixties I have noticed some of the dystrophy symptoms showing up (such as a dropped foot when walking). However, they only show up when I have overdone things.

    I am going to take the research articles to my doctor's appointmnet tomorrow and see what he says. In my mind it explains some symptoms that just weren't consistent with plain fibro--wonder if the dystrophy caused the fibro--certain muscles tighten and won't let go.

    I have recently started to take whey protein which is high in all of the amino acids (argitine, lysine and others) and wonder if this will be beneficial. Any ideas??

  4. findmind

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    Funny. My last Rheumy appt dr. told me to get in tough with a dr. working in the Neurology dept of a major teaching medical center. He told me she specialized in various types of MD.

    My myasthenia gravis diagnosis doesn't seem right to me, even tho the mestinon (pyridostigmine chloride) helps it. All my labs are negative. But my eyes, swallowing and speaking problems match one of your descriptions. Hmmmmmmm

    I also have severe neuropathy in my lower legs and feet for no discernible reason, but MD maybe could cause that also.

    Thank you for the interesting posts and replies!

  5. AuntTammie

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    Do you know how much turmeric you are supposed to take? I've read about it being beneficial for herpes virus if you are on L-Arginine, and for Candida too, but nothing says how much. Do you just use the dried herb on food, or are there supplements of it?
  6. elliespad

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    When I've used Turmeric, I buy the Supplements in a bottle. I've used 400 or 500 mg. 3 times a day for a total of 1200 or 1500 mg. per day. I've heard some people get stomach irritation from this, but it never bothered me. Is very cheap supplement, about $10 or less.

    Just to let everyone know, still waiting on my results for the Genetic Muscular Dystrophy test. Still waiting on my Igenex Lyme test too. And although I have bought the Arginine, I haven't started it yet.
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  7. AuntTammie

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    elliespad, I will have to try that...thanks.
  8. ChuckNBerkeley

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    Here is a URL to another version of the press release.


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