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    Hey Girl ... I can be truly airheaded sometimes. Read your response and fully intended to write back ... Uhhu, well, dumb as dirt sometimes and can't always blame it on fibro fog!

    Your land sounds beautiful. I can picture it ... I think ya'll are going to love living there. I know a couple of friends who followed the same plan you are ... building their home first and then adding a barn.

    The barns were about the size you mentioned .. about six stalls with a washrack, feedroom and tackroom. One has an office included and the other has an apartment.

    Both of their barns are "Morton Barns" ... they are very nice looking and I think you can make alot of choices in interiors, etc. I have no clue on cost or ease with which to deal with them, but you might want to google Morton's sometime and take a look.

    I vote for your idea of boarding and bringing them home from time to time to enjoy all the trails, etc.. Less stress and work! (Guess you can tell I don't want to go back there again huh?!)

    If you do end up keeping your horses at home with exchange boarders, you might want to look into an insurance product called Care, Custody and Control. This will give you protection should anything happen to your boarder's horse(s) and/or property.

    This doesn't just apply to very expensive horses. People can get funny where their "babies" are concerned and may act in a manner that you would never expect.

    You may never need it, but it is a very good idea to have it. You don't want to risk your home on a previously wonderful person who has gone "south" on you at an unexpected tragedy.

    I wasn't sure if by the time your farm was finished you planned on buying horse(s) then or if you might still be doing a lease ... If it's still a lease, make sure it's written in such a manner that you'll be able to move your horse home with you when you're ready. I've seen that come up a time or two. You've probably already thought of that though, LOl

    I myself really love the fun involved with being around other horse nuts and all the laughter and cutting up that goes along with it. I always seemed to learn something new just about every week by being around other boarders and horses.

    Like you, I need to watch that I don't isolate myself. I find my own company so darn entertaining, that before I know it, I end up spending too much time with my lovely self. HA !! Keeping Fortune at a private facility .. (Very much like you are envisioning actually, but with five total people around, plus their families, trainers, etc..)..keeps me from being too alone.

    You're sweet to offer the names of testing labs, etc. for hormone testing. Because of my sister, I already use Quest Labs and ITC Compounding Pharmacy. I'm about as close to being an FFC hormone therapy patient as one can get and not actually be a FFC patient!

    My intragrated doctor here at home pretty much follows their hormone protocol in the treatment of CFS/FM ... As I picked my sister's brain, (and work up sheets), I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted my doctor to test me on and how to treat what needed adjusting.

    It just happens that he uses Quest Labs. I understand that they are very detailed and many hospitals send lab work to them for more intricate and expensive testing. It's too costly for hospitals to carry some of the equipment needed to dig down as deep as Quest does.

    The pharmacy was just a choice as Compounding Pharm's are not yet a dime a dozen and I already knew through my sis how efficient they are.

    I was really interested in comparing CFS/FM Hormone notes with you. LOL.. I was surprised at how "peachy" my basic female hormones where. Since I'm not in my twenties anymore! I wanted to see where that ugly menopause might be. Not really up against it, but one never knows with CFS/FM.

    To my surprise, I'm not even close to acting perimenopausal
    let alone menopause. I was pretty tickled to hear that.. strictly for petty, stereotypical reasons.

    My testosterone was almost none-existant and my GH was almost as bad. No wonder my muscles hurt all the time. I don't have the hormone needed to build muscle and I don't have much of the hormone need to repair them. Go Figure!

    I am hypothyroid as well. No big surprise there. Mine TSH, T4 fine ... T3 o.k., but the reverse T3 was very high, so I'm on compounded T3.

    No big surprise about adrenal fatigue either ... very low DHEA/Pregnenolone so supplementing with that and taking cortisol ext release for a little bit ... just to give the gland a breather.

    Was your initial panel and treatment anywhere similar? I'm just being curious. It's not something a whole lot of people know about so it's nice to talk it over with someone who does!

    After the "too many to count" IM injections I've given horses over the years, it was not a stretch for me to learn to give myself one. Soooo, for the time being I'm injecting testosterone 1 day a week and GH every evening at bedtime.

    What we won't do in the name of remission!!

    I hope you are doing well and had a good weekend. It was good to chat with you ... again, sorry for being a bonehead and forgetting to write back promptly. Talk soon ...


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    Well I get to ride Sophie tomorrow. She is a TB 9 years old and an option to lease. Actually I am thinking about doing a half lease and riding weekday mornings. I would not be able to take her with me but she is for sale soo.... I think she cribs from time to time but she has nice ground manners and I enjoyed riding her one time so far. Raffeney is also a choice and I will ride him on Thurs. Then maybe try Tellie again.

    When we were up at the property we saw our neighbors. We have known them for about 10 years. They watch things for us. They were really excited about us building a barn. They are interested in having a horse as well. They are both retired so that may be a option. I am not going to jump into anything.

    I appreciate the input! I know that when I finally purchase a horse I will fall in love and that will be it, so I want to try to make the right chioces.

    By the way you are quite entertaining! I would hate for you to deprive those around you, so make sure you remain sociable! Sound like you have a very nice situation there.

    I was also sure I was about to enter menopause any minute. But like you they found no signs. I also am taking the compunded T3 and when I was restested my levels were back to normal so she nailed the correct dose. I am taking the DHEA and the pregnanolone as well as HGH and cortisol. My testostorone levels were OK. I am doing the Heperin injections for hypercoagulation and I am a big weinee but tit is going fine. You would think the other DRs would figure this out but apparently not.

    I am glad I have you and others to talk about this as well because although my friends are excellent about all of this I'm sure they would not find it all that compelling! It seems like a bunch of old men sitting around talking about their prostates. HA

    Keep the messages coming and I will let you know how my ride on Sophie goes! maybe someday we will met up and go for a ride! Take Care Lynn
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    Bunch of old men sitting around talking about their prostates! HAHAHAHA ..HOO HOO ... Funny girl! I didn't laugh out loud ... I howled and did some holler'in. Man, talk about me being a trip!

    I can tell you our friendship's gonna come to a screechin' halt if you start talking about back in the good ole days when your prostate made you king of the county! Haha ...

    Ooo, I've gone round the bend now!

    I think you told me you're in Marrietta? I used to go to shows in the summer time not too far off from there. I think the name of the farm that hosted them was Hunter Hill Farm. It was a really pretty barn and had some wonderful permanant stables for exhibitors and several rings. I have some good memories from summers there.

    I've been to that thriving metropolis Conyers a few couple of times too. The Ga. Horse Park is an unbelieveable facility and beautifully landscaped too.

    If you haven't been, they host some very impressive shows several times a year ... even Nov. I think. You should try to go out there. There's usually some impressive Grand Prix as well.

    Well, I gotta run. Husband needs some r&r as one of his friends got some unwelcome news ... not life or death, but bad just the same.

    Oh .... we sound like we are on similar hormone protocols, or did you tell me you are only on T3 now, and all the others were original treatments? I could always look over our past notes and find the answer for myself .... maybe.... later ....zzzzzzz.

    Take care dear ,... Talk soon,


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    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Yep I have been to Conyers during the olympics. I went to Dressage and show jumping. There is a big show there in Nov. and I am thinking of taking my two nieces. The younger one Virginia is 8 and has been riding about a year.

    I had a really great time today. I rode Raffeney instead of Sophie. To be honest I liked Tellie better so Raffeney is out of the running. He has rough gaits and just does not have the same personality. You have to play a game with him to get his bridle on and he stomps around and doesn't like the wash stall at all.

    I will try Tellie again with her bridle and then try Sophie again. We'll see! I'm having tons of fun. There is a big Halloween party at the barn on Sat and Grant is gonna be a fireman, Sarah (the trainers daughter) is gonna be a dalmation, and cindy the pony is gonna be a firetruck. I will take some pictures!! Grant and Sarah were so cute riding together and they cleaned Cindys stall too.

    Wow we have so much in common. Love of horses and Hormones. What a combination! Have a great evening! Lynn
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    No personality ..... plus rough ride .... equals no fun ...
    Good choice throwing that one back! Tell me how your ride goes with Tellie in the correct tack. I hope it goes well and mostly that you have fun.

    Alot of the Conyers shows are produced by Classic Company run by Bob Bell. He tries to make his shows as spectator friendly as possible. I think you and your family would enjoy going.

    I attend as many Bob Bell shows as I can. The man (and his staff) really tries to excell at customer service. As a pricess exhibitor, I really appreciate that. (Keep in mind I am a special princess ...one who is still very nice, doesn't mind getting dirty and generally very quiet while going about getting what she is interested in!)

    I've never attended the November shows ... I am a wiennie .. I hate cold and November is cold! I think you and your family will enjoy going if it's good weather.

    Do you go in to the FFC to get all your shots or do you self-inject? Don't tell me you don't do some of them yourself?!? Now who's the wiennie?

    I had the most interesting, yet Twilight Zoneish day yesterday at work. I love what I do ... very physical, nonstop, high energy. It has been tough throughout all this, but it gives me so much pleasure, there is no way I would give it up will treating CFS/FM.

    My day was go-go-go from 7AM to 7Pm ...(work day that is) ... The really cool part is that I left my aerobic, head cheerleader, skill teaching job and went straight to the "grill" to meet my husband for a "fake" beer and just to visit. Got an order to go ... We were there for about 45 minutes.

    I was a normal person ... SO much FUN!! It has been longer then I want to say since I have been able to work that kind of day and socialize afterwards with my husband. I love remission! ... And it's getting stronger and stronger!

    I truly think I am in the sub-set where the hormone disregulation aspect was the strongest symptom producer.

    Treating for pathogens was just not that difficult for me physically speaking. My herx response was light and very , very brief in duration.

    Fixing my sleep wasn't that tough either. Yet now that I am on my full hormone adjustment therapy I am seeing differences in me and my life by leaps and bounds! Feel like Superman!

    It's just so nice ... I'm lucky, you're lucky ... I wish all had doctors who understood the subtle yet devestating changes CFS/FM makes in our different systems.

    You seemed so well established in your barn community ... I would think that would make it tough to leave! Have fun with the "Hollow-Wiennie" festivities ... sounds like a great time!

    Are you seeing a "wiennie" theme here? I wonder what Freud
    would have to say about me?

    Take care,

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    Sounds like you had a wonderful evening! I know how you feel. I had gotten to the point where we were completely out of the loop on everyones social radar. We had either backed out or said we couldn't go so many times.

    Having a normal day is terrific! I have been having alot of those too and I like it as well. Thank god for hormone therapy.

    Sounds like you are more Southern Belle than princess. You get what you want and noone one knows what hit them but they like it. It's charm darling and you have it. You might as well be a princess, someone has too! My friends and I have a tiara and we go out to dinner on each persons birthday and she wears the tiara. The last time we went out we decided we all needed tiaras. Everyone deserves to be a princess. (Someone tell my husband that!)

    I can't wait to ride Tellie again tomorrow and go to the barn party Sat. My husband is leaving for the Ga Fla game tomorrow morning so it will be a quiet weekend for me and Grant just having fun. We have his class party on Fri as well so I am planning on concentrating on goofing off and not cooking dinner!

    One thing this DD has done for me is enable me to take care of myself and do what I want in life. A hard way to learn that lesson but at least I'm getting there.

    Yes I am a major weinee and my husband gave me the shots for a while. Then a friend told me about this device called an autoject her daughter uses and it works great. You just load the syringe in and push a button. My abdomon was really swoolen and bruised for a few weeks but now the whole thing is no big deal. I would like to take a week off from swollowing all the pills.

    Hope you have another wonderful evening. I will give a full report on my lesson and riding Tellie tomorrow. Maybe I will take a picture and post it!

    Take Care Lynn

    Thursday update- Rode Sophie instead of Tellie today. I will try Tellie on Tues and another Horse named Willing. Also rode a horse named Sunshine today. So far I am leaning toward Sophie or Tellie. Had a wonderful time and met two very nice ladies who ride in the mornings too!

    Talk to you soon! Lynn[This Message was Edited on 10/27/2005]
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    Bump for Elsa! Giddy up girl
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