Miss joellen answering you abut Mississippi

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    Miss joellen ,

    Boy oh boy I am happy now but miss betty is mad at me again . she says I talk too much here and says I should be careful about telling too much cos we dont know y'all . She is at the neighbors now so she wont see me tell . Yes I do know most of the places you tell you have been . You say you was born in Greenwood that is the county seat over there in Leflore county . I like it because it is small like my place . My son Jacob went up in his college years to look at going to Mississippi valley state university in Itta Bena . it is out there on 82 highways . Nice pretty place . let see now , Indianola is on the east of Greenville . Ruleville I been too lots of times . Dwight was a railroad man and Ruby ave. runs right long by there . over from the main street of 49 highway . The old station there at Floyce and front streets was were they say Old Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and of course you know my people know all about that it is real famos around here Have you been to towns like Batesville churchHill Flora or Holly Springs ? I know you should know Flora if you knows the Chamber Brothers cause all of them but 2 was born over there in Flora mississippi . Every body knows of Tupelo of corse cause of that guy Elvis Presly . well I got to take a break now and finsih the news . Keep your eye on the Lamb

    I am back now let see now you shore asked me alot of questions . I cant hardly remember all of them . Oh yes I wanted to ask you about Tallahatchie county if you had ever been there ? you know that girl singer made that song old to billy joe about that tallahatchie bridge . I cant think of her name right off now . Do you remember it . We didnt sing much popular songs even when I had my own family first off cause daddy didnt approve of it . only the gospel songs . I did get to meet miss ella fitzgerald once and she talked to me like she had known me all her life . I will never forget it . She was a wonderful lady and boy could she sing you right down to the church floor . well I got to go now and do my Bible verses for tonight . Keep your eye on the Lamb
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