Miss Kathy Miss Harmony and Miss Joellen sorry I havent been here

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    Me and little Breannah has been real sick she came down with the fever and then I got it . poor thing was burning up real bad . Toni took her to the emergency room and they said it was just a ear infection , nothing in her lungs or nothing . I think it is the flu tho cause I got it too and the vomiting and all . Miss betty stayed home from her volunteer job to dr us today . She says I talk too much on here . She is my best friend and all but she can be fussy alot . She has way more education then I cause her daddy could afford it and she was so good in school that they paid for most of her to go to college . I wish I was that smart . She has had her computer in her room for well on 2 years now and she always tried to get me to get on it and I said Lordy no I wont never be able to learn to use that thing . Finally she and Jacob convinced me to try . well really Jacob didnt give me a choice he and his family brought it in one day and said I was going to get to the times . Then he left Miss betty to show me what to do . She wrote most of my first few post here on the boards till I got the hang of it . She lives with me since about 2 years after my Dwight passed . She is alone too and she only had the 2 children a boy that lives up in New york and her girl that lives next town over . Oh here I go again running at the mouth . I got to go ,the headach is comming back . I just wanted to say hello to you 3 that was so nice to me . Kathy I hope that little angel is still gaining the weight . Keep your eye on the Lamb oh yea if you dont see me around for a few days or so it is cause I got to get myself well so I can get back to taken care of Breannah so Miss betty dont have to help me do it .
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    i am very tired and last two days have been real hard. i have myofacial syn. with fibro. and i have been trying to go to hospital (my daughter is sick) so i have to let our baby hear one of our voices so he will keep fighting. he is still stable but the last two days have been hard on him. my son came home from hspital today is is still sick. but as they say god never gives us more than we can bare i just pray he holds my hand while i bare it. faithful i pray you and yours are better. and i am always happy to hear what you have to say. and joellen i left you my e-mail on another post again i do not have web-site only pics on my e-mail. if you want though e-mail me and i will send them. god bless you both i am very tired and just got up to write to ya'll. goodnight we will pray tomorrow is a much better day (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) kathy
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    e-mail me if you need to talk or wnt to see the pics too. hope you are good today. kathy