Missed 2 BC pills

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by jasonm33_43, Sep 4, 2003.

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    My girlfriend accidently missed 2 pills. We had sex and I on sunday of
    the third week and I did pull out before I came. She went to take her
    pill that night and realized that she had missed pill on friday and
    saturday of her second week. She took all 3 pills on sunday. I know
    there is a chance she can be pregnant but how great of a chance is it? Well another thing is that her period started on the third week of her previous pack of pills last month and her period lasted 2 weeks. Could that mean that her ovulation period should of ended on week 1 of this pack?
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    if she missed even one pill, she's at risk of pregnancy for some time, You should use condoms as well for the rest of that month.

    Usually a period shouldn't start till after finishing the pack. I think she should get a check up with her doctor, maybe that particular type of pill isn't suitable for her
    good luck,