Missed Doctors' appointments help (again)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sportponies, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Sportponies

    Sportponies New Member

    Thanks to you all for your help with Doctors' appointments!! I didn't really make my question clear. I don't forget the appointments - I just don't feel well enough to get up, brush my teeth, etc. and have someone drive me. Is it possible to be TOO sick to go to the Doctor? Thanks!!
  2. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi sportponies,

    I responded to your last thread..I knew exactly what you meant. I could tell some people thought it was a memory thing.

    Not for me..I get very anxious when I have an appt. No way do I forget about it. A lot of my anxiety is whether I'll be physically and/or mentally capable of all that you have to do to get there.

    The bathing, dressing, trying to force down a light meal and the driving...it just overwhelms me a lot!

    It definitely is possible to be too SICK to get to the doctor. As a matter of fact, I'm going to my primary Tues. afternoon (I've all ready cancelled once)so to be sure I can get there, my husband is taking half a day off of work just to drive me.

    I wish I had a better answer, but know that you're not alone!

    Take Care..........Jill.............
  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    One suggestion is make your appointment the latest in the day as possible. I never make a morning appointment. Usually mine are 4 pm.

    I can normally get myself together by then. Yes, it is possible to be too sick to go to the doctor but try for the late afternoon.
  4. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    I have to call and change appts all the time. Had 103 temp this weekend and knew I needed to go to ER but knew I couldnt put on clothes and didnt want to go in my gown and housecoat. I had to call and cancel my dentist appt yesterday. Now thats a hard thing to do, sit in that dentist chair for hours and keep my mouth open. The pain just gets me down for days!

  5. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    I think this is when you should really force yourself to go to the physician so that he/she can actually see how bad you are -- just a thought.

    Don't anyone get me wrong I am not saying it is easy (I have done this too) I am saying it may be better for your overall health treatment and management.

    I hope you feel better,

    Karen :)

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