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    ok so i am 26 years old will be 27 at the end of the month and have not had a period since october and I AM NOT PREGNANT i have taken 15 home tests plus blood and urine test at the emergency room as well as had a sonogram and a catscan done i get very bad pains in my stomach and havent had sex since june 22 every doc i see thinks im crazy and have another appointment on the 8th this is becomming very expensive and i just want top know what wrong and why im having all this pain can someone please help me??
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    There are many medical reasons that a woman can have missed periods, and not be pregnant. Hormone levels, cyst, tumors, thyroid, being underweight, poly cystic ovary, and many other issues. e Endometreosis comes to mind also.

    You may want to see and endocronoligst to find the answers....

    Good luck.
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