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    Friday, December 20, 2002


    DECEMBER 20. For some time we have been getting false assessments of the number of immune-suppressed people in the US.

    These low-ball figures hav been uwed to assure the public that the smallpox vaccine---which causes extreme effects like death among the immune-comprised---will only kill 700 or so Americans if given to the whole population.

    But now that the government smallpox-vaccine program has collapsed, everything is leaking.

    USA Today reports: "An estimated 60 million Americans with certain medical conditions [relating to immune suppression] are most likely to develop severe reactions from the vaccine..."

    That would be roughly one out of five Americans.

    Maybe that 60-million stat for how many people have significant immune problems is too high. But it's a lot closer than what we've been told.

    The news these days is full of all sorts of stunning revelations about the smallpox vaccine. Don't mark this down to sudden courage on the part of media outlets. All this info is being released by the government and its medical minions.

    As I've been writing, it's a complete 180. I've been mentioning the reasons. Here is another one: the vaccine honchos are terrified that, if the smallpox vaccine is given to the whole population, the resultant deaths, maimings, and chaos will break public faith in ALL THE OTHER VACCINES THAT ARE HARD-WIRED INTO THE MANDATED SYSTEM.

    And if families of those killed by the smallpox shot discover the federal government's puny $$ cap on liability claims, there will be an outroar, which could put the whole scam re gov payouts on vaccine injuries in severe jeopardy.