MISSING BOY 7 Years Old...please pray

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by jinlee, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. jinlee

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    We have a missing boy in our area...please pray, pray, pray for him and his family. His name is Kyron. He disappeared from school on June 4, during a science fair. No check-in was required by those visiting the school so anyone had access to coming and going.

    Everyone here in the Oregon area is devastated. He is so young and so many awful people out there.

    Pray for his family as I know it must be so awful for them.

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  2. Sweetpotatoe

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    My Lord, My Lord, we come to you in prayer for Kyron, Father God we ask in Jesus name for protection for this precious child, Lord please bring a breakthrough in his whereabouts, Comfort Kyrons family and community as they wait, hope and pray for his safe return, Please lead this child safely back to his family, Thankyou Lord, In Jesus name, Amen.
  3. windblade

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    ...For Kyron. Agreeing with sweetpotatoes prayer - that a breakthrough be found in finding him. Dear God - protect this precious child - he is yours. Please strengthen his family. Thank you for caring and being in the midst of it all. Amen.
  4. Doznclan3

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    My prayers and thoughts going out to family, and all of those in search of him, that they will be guided by our loving Heavenly Father.
  5. Misfit101

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    This missing little boy tortures me. My heart grieves for him and his family. Ive prayed so hard that it is Gods will that this precious child be returned to his family. Pray that whomever took kyron will have a change of heart and release him. For the searchers as well. Strength and comfort for those who love and care about him. An awful tragedy. My heart breaks.
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    Today CNN mentioned that the authorities have drilled down that only relatives attended the science fair at the school. So sadly authorities are now focusing intently on the step mother of this missing boy as she was the last one to have seen him.

    Prayers for this missing boy and all the other missing children and adults that they be returned home safely. If they cannot be returned home safely and are deceased, that their remains be found quickly so that their families have them returned to them and may have whatever funeral, etc. and then get help to begin their attempts to try to begin their lives again. But not knowing must be painful.