Missing My Girls===Vent

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, May 16, 2008.

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    I found myself crying like a baby today ,,,Because i miss my girls so bad and really wish i could spend more time with them!,,,,,,,,,,,,Due to Having an illness and very limited funds to live on it's so hard to try and save up enough money to go and visit them,,,,

    and they are Busy,,,, busy with their jobs and husband,,boyfriends,& College,,,,and life that they understandably have no time to drive all this way to visit me,,,,,,,Gas prices are through the roof!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ARGGGGG!

    I know i'm not the only one in this boat,,,,,i'm sure there are alot of Moms and Dads that feel the same way!,,,,,,,It seems they Grew up so fast and while that was happening i was working 6 days a week to take care of them,,,,,,,,

    But i feel like i missed so much of thier lives due to work and illness,,,,,time passes so quickly!,,,,,,I Know that the empty nest syndrome should be over for me by now,,,,,,but it's just not true,,,,,,

    although they are 21-25-28 years old i still think of them as though they are teens and that they will come through the front door any minute now and say "Mom were hungry ,,,,,,Whats for dinner?",,,,,,lolol,,,,,I know i know Get over it!,,,,,,Thanks for letting me Vent,,,Sis
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    We have two sons that are 3,000 miles away and rarely hear from one, although we do hear from the grandchildren via his ex wife. Never hear from the other-they have a different lifestyle these days, families no longer live that close. I do envy my Italian neighbors who all have kids locally and they all get together for big meals.

    On the flip side, Danny our youngest, who has autism and is almost 14, well he never will be able to leave home, and that in itself is the big worry that he won't be able to make his own way!

    Whatever we do it is a no win!!! We all weep, and I do admit I get mad at rich people for being able to do the things that we cannot, like jump on a plane, et. Not their fault but it is such a rich/poor society.

    Love Annie
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    Ohhhhh Sis, here is a big big Hug for you. I am not in that boat yet, however come Fall Ashely goes to college and I will be a basket case.

    I will definetly need both of my girls are gone too. We are so so close and I don't want to even think of the day when they are gone. I am such a family person and we all do stuff together all of the time.

    I am the one that has the family parties all of the time, all the holidays, birthdays and just to get together. It definetly will not be the same when they are gone.

    I just hope and pray everyday that they will decide to live in my town in the future. I will be just like you if they don't.

    Love you and big hugs, Mickey
  4. sisland

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    Thanks for the support and the different outlooks on this subject!,,,Having your kids and parents 3000 or more miles away seems like a thougher situation than just having them a few hours away!,,,,

    Wow does this DD put a damper on a whole lot of things in life!!,,,,,,Ann,,,it seems we get put in precarious situations with our childern,,,,challenging tosay the least!

    Jam~~~It's been hard for you and your Daughter,,,but she's on the right path now and that is so wonderful!

    Mickey ,,thanks for the Hugs! and for understanding ,,,if you are close to your girls i think that they will not move to far from home after college!,,,,,

    The great part is that My middle Girl and Her Husband just got Teaching Jobs within 100 miles of where my youngest girl lives so that is comforting to know that when i do get to go and visit them they will be close to one area!!

    My oldest is not to far from here ,,,but is so very busy that she hardly has time to call or visit,,,,,at least i think thats why i don't hear from her very often,,,,,,,Who Knows!,,,,,,,I try to be as supportive as possible!,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm alot closer to Kym and Janell always have been,,,,,,,,,,Love to all!,,,,Sis
  5. sisland

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    Oh' thanks you guys!,,,,,You are never going to believe who showed up at my door with flowers about 2pm ,,,,,,My Youngest girl Kym!,,,,,,I couldn't believe it!,,,,,

    She told me earlier today on the phone that she was on her way to work and didn't have time to talk to me,,,,,,She surprised me!,,,,,,,,,,My Jaw was on the floor for a few minutes,,,,,,,,God Has answered my prayers!,,,,,Thanks for all your thoughtfulness and for trying to cheer me up!,,,,,,,,,hugs!,,,sis
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    Well being a mom of 5, I totally hear you! There are days I miss my kids sooo bad I don't think I'll make it through. Know why? Because they were our life!

    Any you, like me, were working when they were growing. I remember all the evenings of going to games, helping with Prom, doing soup suppers, etc. and being soo exhausted that I really didn't know where I was. We did and did and did for them, and would do it all over again.

    Every one of their accomplishments caused pride and every hurt they felt caused us tears. I so don't understand the parents of today who don't want to be parents, just friends with their kids, or even the ones who want to dump their kids onto someone else. I feel I was both parent and friend, and bet you do too.

    Yes, I too still think of mine as being teens (of course I still think I should be 35 too) LOL. I am sooo proud of my kids and love it when all of them are home at the same time. Our house is overflowing, not only with bodies, but with love.

    Bless your daughter for the flowers. It seems so many times when we need that "kid fix" they come through for us! Oh, 3,000 miles.....don't know if I could do that. Did when they were in the military, but knew they would be home before long.

    You have great kids, and I know you were a great mother! Be proud of that fact, and no, there's nothing wrong with missing our kids.

    Love ya!!!
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    That was so sweet and thoughtful of your daughter!

    And I just wanted to say that when my parents were still alive, I tended to take them for granted in a sense. I guess I just thought that they'd always be there and that I would have time "tomorrow" to visit. And when "tomorrow" was too busy for me to check in with them, I knew that another tomorrow would come along. As it turned out, I should have MADE time to visit more often. It would not have been that hard for me to do.

    I hate thinking how lonely my Mom must have been and disappointed in my frequent cancellations.

    Though I never went more than a week without a visit to her, I still wish I would have done more.

    Lots of hugs to you, lady!
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    Just read this post, my heart goes out to you, this is a hard time for you.
    Yes this DD steals so much from us, and leaves us missing, wishing we had had more time with our loved ones.


    I was so happy to read further and see what your wonderful daughter did, what a blessing!!!

    I haven't forgot your encouragement and questions about my youngest son and his eye therapy, and delays.

    Both you and Kathleen have been very supportive and here for me, thanks friend. :0)

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    ....dear Sis. I don't have girls, but have two sons. I guess even though they are 38 and 35, married and successfully adults, at times, I still long for the days when they were in elemantary school, riding their bikes all over the neighborhood, coming home for cookies and dinner.

    It was a wonderful time of life and I guess the hardest part is that is that they were wonderful kids and it was fun to be the mommy of those two active, intelligent guys. Knowing that they are fully functioning adults,contributing to society,loving and caring people is what we all hope for when they are young. But, that means they grow up and leave.

    And, I think it is usually OK, wonderful, and the way things should be. But, we are mothers and we do miss our babies.

    Now, I'm crying! Oh, my...a mother's heart! Allow yourself to be a mommy with feelings, congratulate yourself on a job well done, and embrace this stage in life, and be thankful you have a relationship with your adult children that is good...so many don't.


  10. sisland

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    I Just signed in and saw all your wonderful stories and Messages!,,,,,,I am so very Thankful for all of your support!,,,,The Girls all had Obligations around Mothers day weekend so they couldn't be here,,,,,,But I know that God does answer our prayers when we need him the Most!

    Kym is out for a run and i'm still just looking up and thanking God for her being here!,,,,,,Gram is Babysitting "Chooch" her dog,,,,,,,while she's out and thats just fine with me!,,,,,,Maybe i should become a foster Mom!,,,,,

    You are all Great Moms and Daughters also!,Ann,,,,lindyl,,Jam,,Mickey,,,,Jole~~Laura~~Elaine~~Kathleen and Misty,& Sue,,,Thanks alot for all your support,!!,,,,,,Hey it sounds like i'm not the only one here who did a marvoulas job Raising their Kids!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You all are so Dear to Me!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Love to All!,,,,,Sis

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    I miss mine also, my daughter just told me that she will be looking for a job in Dallas, she was suppose to be coming back home after graduating. big sobs

    I also have a son in the military and he is stationed in N. C. He is going back to Afghanistan in Oct. BIG SOBS

    I still have my 14 yr ol at home but when the 2 older ones left, I went through horrible "wanting another baby syndrome" which is physically impossible for me. We even looked into adoption. I was absolutly baby crazy. My poor husband. lol

    We ended up getting a puppy, his choice not mine. As ususal my dh knows what is best for me.....if we would have chosen a baby, he/she would now be around 2 and I cannot imagine me running after a toddler.

    I hope your blues go away soon, just know that we all will be here for you on your bluest of days.....

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    Thanks for your replies and encouragment!,,Bevy i also got a Puppy when the kids left ,,,,it has really helped! He is a 16 month old Springer Spaniel and full of P&V,,lolol,,,,,,,The Grandkids will be in our lives in awhile (Hopefully!),,,,,,

    We can send them home when we get tired right!,,,,,,My Middle gal is Married almost 2 years now,,,,but has no plans for kids yet,,,,,,Praying that will happen in good time,,,,,

    I don't have any Boys so don't know what it's like,,,,,,God Bless your Son for serving our Country!,,,,,,,Hope your daughter Gets a Job Close to you!

    Mom~~~~Wow now you have really dedicated your life to Foster Childern!,,,Very admirable!,,,,,Thanks for your encouragement also!,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis