missing my son for the holidays....

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    I'm sure some of you remember me, regarding my son disowning us. I'm going thru a hard time with this expecially with the holidays approaching. I e-mailed him last week and told him we miss him, and with the holidays coming up, that I sure would like to catch up on things. Well I guess I should'nt have e-mailed him, as he has not replied, and now I've let myself down. Thank goodness for my lexapro, it sorta helps me keep my mind off of things. But I'm still having crying spouts, of wondering what my grandson looks like, it he's a happy baby etc. Sorry to vent but this has been bothering me. It hurts my heart sooooo bad.

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    Ive been there myself, so I can understand how you feel, my advise is to keep emailing him, but i wouldn't bring up the subject which caused the riff, just reassure your son you love him and miss him , and how can u make amends.
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    So sorry that he continues to be so bullheaded about this.....and that you have to suffer even more than you already are

    I can't relate to being disowned, but I have had my share of family related hurts/lack of understanding in the past....fortunately they have come around and it is my prayer for you that your son will, too

    I can relate to not being able to be with family for the holidays (& missing seeing little ones - 3 nieces in my case).....my family are all going to be in your state and though I am wanted there, I cannot handle traveling with this illness.....so I am going to be alone for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and my birthday, and probably Valentine's Day (not that I care as much about that one, but still.....)