missing soldiers body found after 4 yrs

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    i dont know how much this is broadcast elsewhere but this boy is from our HS and was on the football team (my husbands a coach). also my son helped him in the weight room.

    my son was interviewed 2 yrs ago by time magazine. its so sad weve cried tears tears tears.

    he was a nice sweet quiet boy who joined to get his college paid for.

    there is a big parade sat apr26 then sunday a memorial at cinti reds baseball statium. they say it will be filled at 50,000.

    my husband gets interviewed tomorrow. the pain in his mothers face is heartwrenching.

    im going to write her a letter which ive been wanting to do

    from the start. thx for listening. love gail
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    The whole war is sad. Death and destruction every where. Just sad, sad, sad.....
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    Have you seen the Planet in Peril on CNN with Anderson Cooper. You won't believe the things going on in China, and people being killed with contaminants in the water and food supply. It's horrible!

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    so sorry for that young lad and for all the boys being killed from your country and ours and the poor people caught up in the middle and being slaughtered too.

    I think writing his Mum a letter is a lovely thing to do and she will appreciate it very much.

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    This saddens me, I am a Mother of a soldier, and a sister to one. My son has been to Afghanistan, and is getting ready to go back.

    My heart breaks for all who have been affected by the violence.

    I cannot listen to the stories of war that my 19 year old son has told. I get up and leave the room. DH is so wonderful he listens and tries to counsel. I am beside myself when I think of the things my child has seen, and done. I was terrified while he was over there. Every time the phone rang I was relieved when it was him. He has taken schrapnel, and been shot by a sniper. Thankfully he survived.

    I have cried several times even though he is stateside for now. My tears are not just for the soldiers but their families and friends.

    I will continue to pray for the violence to stop and for the families to have the strength to cope while our troops are away.

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    God Bless This boys Family and all the Military Families out there that have to live through this everyday,,,,It's so unfair!,,,,,

    My Mom Grieved for years when my 2 brothers were in Vietnam,,,,,so painful!,,,,But they came home!,,,,This boy was so young with his whole life ahead of him,,,,,

    You are a very special Friend to these folks and I'm sure they will all apprecieate it,,,,,,,Bless you Too!,,,,,Sis