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    I selected, copied, and pasted to the chitchat board, and then posted, but it doesn't seem to be showing up. Unfortunately, I deleted the message from the Fibro board, but I think I may have it in My Documents. Well, let me know when you receive.
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    Sorry, I missed a beat there, I guess. I posted my answer to your long post and then got on the phone with one of my sons who's flying out of the country. Of course I didn't think anything you said was inappropriate. I've just been watching several posters "correct" those of us who sort of wander off topic. They don't want us talking about tattoos, birthdays, new photos, dogs, etc. In my opinion, this would be a very boring board if all we did was talk about new symptoms, colon cleansing kits, and magnesium doses. Jeesh. I really have no one (other than my husband and he does get a bit weary of it, I'm sure) to talk to about this DD and how it impacts my life. I also want people (like YOU) to know that I'm still kicking and having some fun and just plain living in spite of this nasty disease. If we need to be here to talk, so be it.

    So, a couple of things. First, I'm going to go back and read your post--yes, it did show up. If you have a Mac, I can tell you in my very tech-challenged way how to copy and paste but if you are on a PC, you're on your own! Then I'll respond properly. Second, do you know if we can exchange email addresses or not? I don't think so. Oh, and I loved your photo. I wanted to give all three of you a big hug. Your dogs are lovely and I know a great comfort.

    I'll write back soon here on the CC board.

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    I don't know how we would exchange e-mails. The only thing I can think of is very quickly exchanging them then deleting our posts. Other than that, I don't have any ideas. Maybe I'll come up with something later. Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Oh--I'm so sorry, I'm laughing. I can't do that--that's not nice. But you were so sweetly indignant that I couldn't help myself. I can't believe that anyone would ever censor any of the things you said. Of course, we will allow your dad to be gay, your friend to be an un-Christian bigot, and for you to call your boyfriend any body part you choose. Works for me.

    I think I'm really starting to like you. Isn't it odd how our personalities come through just in print? So, let's start with you. Is the boyfriend still in the tub? Cause if he is, I think he needs some frigid water dumped about mid-section. What a lunk. He knows the music bothers you, but can't turn it down? He knows you're hurting financially, but can't pay for meals out? Does he pay you rent? I'm not getting this unless he's mighty cute and/or good in bed. You, by the way, are adorable and quite a catch, DD or not. I'm not really one to talk much, being married for 35 years, but I know something's not right. I've learned that both partners must give 60% to make it work. The way he's approaching your relationship is juvenile and he sounds ticked that you got sick. You just need to get over this DD, I guess, get a job and pay your own way. Are you seeing a problem? Eldie, all men are NOT like this. If you want me to like him, you need to tell me some good stuff.

    I'm really sorry you've lost access to your good friend. I couldn't tolerate the woman either for a single second (and she hit your dog!!!!!!!!!-what is all that about?). I'm Christian but my Jesus doesn't rave or rant or love any variety of us any more than another. How did your friend fall in love with this woman? You haven't said how far out in the country you live or whether you can still go out much. But I think you need to cultivate one or two new local friends to hang out with. Do you do yoga alone or in a class? Could you maybe go out to coffee with someone from yoga? To me, (and I'm getting personal), it sounds as if you are really afraid of being alone and are accepting far less than decent treatment from the boyfriend. I know you really care about his aunt but no one said that you have to lose her if you send boyfriend packing. And packing might shake some sense into him. He might not realize what a jewel he has.

    What else do you like to do? How about a friend through the dogs or a book club? Tell me more about what you do with your time. I'll just put on my little therapist's apron and get right to work.

    OK, now me. I have nine sons and four daughter, so it gets a bit dicey. I guess I can just use initials and describe them to you to cut down on confusion. I've had to explain to several people on the board that my privacy is not an issue. My life is literally a wide open book--open flat in the middle of the road. Anyone, anywhere, with a modicum of brights can figure out who I am, who all my kids are, what I've done with my life, and probably what color underwear I'm wearing. At least I wear mine!! Anyway, you might want to take notes:

    M: 33, birth son, general contractor, quirky, brilliant, mechanical, Burning Man guy, MS, Bipolar 2, married to JM (the English/drama teacher and my dear dear friend), two young children, lives near me

    B: 31, birth son, professionally trained chef, probably genius IQ, creative, sensitive, Biplar 1 Rapid Cycling and Borderline Personality Disorder (horror of being abandoned), married twice, one daughter with autism and Bipolar, lost everything including marriages, custody, and restaurant in the Bay Area before coming home last year, left today for France to cook, very popular with the women

    N: 27, birth son, graphic artist, academically bright, talented swing/mamba/salsa dancer and instructor, business owner (until this month), divorcing, two little boys, lost his baby girl last fall, just diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Mixed State Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, loves reading and music, very close to me, lives 8 miles away

    T: 24, adopted daughter, born in Korea and came home at 4 months, gorgeous, sharp, strong-willed, chef/baker, one 5 yr. old daughter, almost engaged, wild teen who settled down to be my diamond-in-the-rough, mouth like a Marine, always there for me, lives 5 miles away

    K: 22, adopted daughter, born in Korea and came home at 10 months, gorgeous, bright (Cal-Poly, business), been with the same guy for eight years, spoiled (requires it) but hard-working, second in command manager of Santa Monica Anthropologie store, only 22 but has 70 people under her, wicked boss, a Daddy's girl but very sweet and tender to me

    I: 22, adopted son, came home at age 7, drug-exposed, black, handsome, artistic, wounded by the system, brittle diabetes of the worst kind with liver disease, spent his teen years in and out of the State Hospital, multiple suicide attempts, recovering meth addict (380 days clean!), deli clerk, proud to be clean and working, visits every few weeks

    A: 19, adopted daughter, came home at 6, drug-exposed, black, pretty, verbal with an Attitude, mentally retarded but "hides" it, works as a caregiver, promiscuous, anorexic, sings in the town choir, hard-working, lives in one of our rental houses

    Z: 19, adopted son, came home at at 4, twin to V, drug exposed, black, handsome, serious OCD, developmentally delayed, hard-working, in construction, involved in criminal system, a loner, loves to read, lives in our rental house

    V: 19, adopted daughter, came home at 4, twin to Z, drug exposed, black, mentally retarded, deaf, mild autism, moderate cerebral palsy, beautiful, tender, helpful, hard-working, popular, still in school, very quiet, a calming presence, never far from my side

    G: 19, adopted son, came home at 3, drug exposed, Marfan's Syndrome, BLACK and proud, developmentally delayed, active in politics, student body president last year, works as caregiver, very ashamed of his challenges, polite, currently couch surfing, snazzy dresser

    S: 18, adopted son, came home at 2, black or bi-racial, drug exposed, mild learning disabilities, vision disorder, fabulously gifted at soccer, very popular jock, junior in HS, mouthy, sweet, serious PTSD from trauma, tender, very close to me and his dad, currently traveling in Europe

    E: 18, adopted son, came home at 3, black, drug-exposed, developmentally delayed, junior in HS, socially inept, loner, loves to read and tinker, great dog walker, very hard-working

    P: 17, adopted son, came home at 3, caucasian, meth-exposed, angry, oppositional, Sophomore in HS, hard-working, athletic, socially inept, loner, the one who hurt his Momma

    Not boring, huh? See why I never had time to make many friends? People were always afraid to complain about their kids to me--lol. I love hearing about other people's kids, though. I would almost always choose my group. Without exception they are caring, hard-working, readers, music-loving, animal-adoring guys. Each one has their quirks but they're ours.

    And then there's the five toy poodles and two Chihuahuas (one in a cart). The kids help walk and feed them and I'm responsible for the cuddling.

    Whew--that tired me out. Write me back and tell me more about what you do with your day. I knit, read, listen occasionally to soft folk or traditional music, lead the pack of dogs, talk to my husband off and on all day by cell phone touching base about the kids, and stare out the d*** window. I'm sick of this DD but it's moved into my bedroom and won't leave so I guess I have to embrace it. How about you?

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    It feels so clandestine that it's exciting!! We'll do that.

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    Thank so much. Now let's hope luvdogs sees this.

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    I'm sorry it took so long for me to get in touch. I've got a deadline on the disability bus. I need to finish my app. a few days before April 2, because that's when I'm having my phone interview. I'm also printing out hundreds of brochures about my tutoring abilities, because I need to get a job, fast. I have a few slim job leads, so I need to look into those as well. I can't work full-time, and most part-time jobs listed in the newspaper pay 8.00 an hour, or less! But there is an interesting job opening in OASIS in May; hope it pays more, and there is a possibility of tutoring for 4-H. The thing is, I won't accept less than 10.00 an hour. In my previous job, I made 23 an hour! Not to mention that i have a Masters, and that working makes me very tired, so it has to be worthwhile financially. Meanwhile, I have a flare, which has led to intense pain in my right hand and arm--wrist and shoulder. Last night, the pain was so bad, I pretended I was one of those women in labor who do breathing exercises to mitigate pain. I was sort of blowing and puffing. But the Aleve and Ultram did me justice, though the latter put me in la-la land. The pain in my hand (and I'm right-handed) is making it hard for me to accomplish anything, as you can imagine, and I have so much to do!

    Now, on to your letter; I like the part about "sweetly indignant." It made me feel a little better about being so stupid. I just don't get things right sometimes. My mother used to talk about my being in the clouds--more like a wilderness, I think! In high school, I was voted "foggiest" in my senior year book. I think I've "landed," at least to some degree, since then, but I still miss some rather relevant material sometimes. Not to mention that now I have fibro fog, which is actually pretty daggone bad. In fact, part of the reason, I've lost my job is because I kept messing up the paperwork. I was loved as a teacher, but the people "up there" who count felt that the paperwork was more important. At one point, I was hospitalized, because the "fog" was so bad that i couldn't drive, read, and could barely speak. It was at that point that my MRI showed some lesions. But a change in meds. and the addition of Armour Thyroid and Vitamin D helped a lot, and I'm back to being my thinking, but silly self.

    Going back to your letter; you mentioned my boyfriend. I know I haven't said anything nice about him, so of course your view is biased. When we met, he was extraordinarily good-looking (in my view). Also, he was the foggy, poetic type, so we kind of gravitated to one another. He is smart, literate (in the "literature" sense), an incredible musician, interested in Eastern philosophy (like me), but he is also very self-involved. He vacillates between being incredibly sweet and equally sh-tty. We are really drawn to one another in some ways, because we understand each other's eccentricities so well. But i am repelled by his sometimes extraordinarily bad behavior. And as to the bedroom.... Well, it's hard for him to be giving in any department, and he really tends to hold back. So our sex life is practically nonexistent. I don't know if he has any libido, or what. But when it happens, it's fine.

    And yes, I'm terribly afraid of being alone. I know it, and I'm not afraid to admit it. My mother was the hub, the focus of our family, and when she died, the family became fragmented. Plus, most of my family on her side is in Europe; my mother was Swiss. What remains of my family is my 91-year old father, who is devolving into a child-like state, and acting out with some really weird behaviors, and my sister, who tends not to be the nurturing type. She is spectacularly beautiful, intelligent, very successful, rich, dresses to a tee, but kind of cold. I've had some extremely close friends, but after college, you know what happens, people have families, and tend to scatter about. So I kind of feel like Jim and his family (and my doggies) are all I have left (except for my long-distance telephone social life). And you're right, I need to become more active in social activities, groups, what have you, but I'm so frigging tired all the time, it's really hard. And yes, I do yoga alone. I've been doing yoga off and on since i was 14, so I don't really need instruction (but am too stiff and sore to teach it myself). I know there are some other things I could do though, if I could stop being such a tired slug.

    I loved your descriptions of your children--you seem so enthusiastic and tender in your descriptions. I wanted to ask you a few questions about them. For example, do you think B is going to be ok, making this big trip to France after having lost so many things? And how is N doing? Is he on medication? Is he getting any better? I can't believe you've had to deal with so many suicide attempts. Has I moved beyond his suicidal stage? No more meth addictions, I hope! And what about Z and his OCD? You know, it's interesting, but my mother had OCD, however, she only had it the last few years of her life. I think it was her way of dealing with impending chaos. Also, I have a friend who runs an OCD clinic for children, and has written a book about OCD. If you're interested, I'll let you know the title; it's a really good book. Oh, and what is Marfan's Syndrome? How is S doing in Europe? Won any matches yet? And P, oh dear, has he calmed down any? What's going to happen to him?

    I would love to exchange e-mails, and now I can't find the name of the person who suggested this, but thank you! I have to go now, though, because it's almost 2 am, and my hands are giving out.

    I wanted to tell you more about what I do with my day: I get up really late (I usually sleep ten hours, if I can sleep). It takes me awhile to come back to the land of awake, if you know what i mean. I am stiff and groggy when I get up.

    Currently, I'm making brochures, applying for disability, and looking for part-time jobs--not much else. What I would really like to do is to have an extensive garden, flowers and vegetables, and some free-roaming chickens. I've tried to start the garden thing by paying some of the Mexicans from the class I teach, but one of my checks bounced, and the guy who was working on my yard got kind of mad, even though I paid him back. Now, I'm realizing I really can't afford it, and I'm trying to figure out if I could do a tiny little bit of digging every day until the entire garden is tilled. Yet now of course I've got the hand thing. My dream is a garden with little shelters for animals, bird baths, a frog pond (made from a kiddie pool lined with black plastic). etc. etc. But who knows when I will realize my gardening dreams. Maybe when I'm earning more money.

    I also love to read--everything from fiction, poetry to cookbooks, self-help books, etc. And I spend lots and lots of time on the couch--something that can't be helped. The couch and the coffee table with my things on it are my little home.

    Well, must go. It's 2:00 am and I haven't even taken my meds! Hope you are doing well, and we will talk about the e-mail thing next post.
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    Thank you so much for your ideas about how to e-mail. I really appreciate that. How do you get into a private room?
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    Oh, I was so excited that you saw my post. I felt like I was ten years old again waiting for you to show up at our favorite corner.

    It makes me so sad that you feel lonely right now. OK, I'll accept that Jim has some very nice qualities but he needs to take a sensitivity course. I know just what you mean about not being able to get out enough to connect with others. I feel so fortunate to have my family--even though most of them are now officially crazy. At least, I have people to talk to. And if I get irritated with one of them, there's always somebody else.

    I wonder if there might be a support group in your area. There's none near me but if there was, I might go. They're probably not real uplifting though. I'm hoping that your brochures will get you some job offers. I talked the other day to a friend of one of my adult kids. She has a business degree and had a great job but is taking off a year to nurse her baby. She told me that she's been doing some medical transcription and making good money at it. She can be home all day with her son and do this while he's napping or playing. I'd actually never thought of that. I wonder what training that might take. I also know someone else who records textbooks for the blind. Could you maybe record books on tape? Do you sound like Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon?

    Have you ever made any friends through your dogs? Could you dog-sit? It's very common down in the bay area for dogs to go to day care. At first, I thought that sounded terrible--to get a dog and then leave it all day--but I guess that's the way it has to be for many people. I mean, can't you just see yourself wrastling ten wild doggies all day? Now that would tire a girl out. You mentioned that you enjoy taking care of Jim's aunt. Is there any possibility of you working short hours at an Alzheimer's day care center? I love working with elders. They always crack me up and are far easier (usually) than my kids.

    So, you asked about the kid run down. Let me see. I got a call from Toulouse France this morning from B. He had arrived and is staying at a friend's apartment. He is very creative and witty and told me all about the city. In fact I'll copy a snippet from his email to me yesterday:

    "Allysha might need to hold my hand across some of the busier street as my new phone has a sudoku game on it. Walking and playing a puzzle, hmmmm... not a good idea in Toulouse. First thoughts/impressions: wine in wine bars, wine from grocery stores, wine at home and then maybe a bite or two of camembert before a bit more wine. There are bikes everywhere here, all kinds, it seems to be THE way to get about town. Coffee and croissants in the Place du Capitole. Wine at Au Pere Louis (they've been serving wine since 1889 and still doing it well). My apartment is quite nice and just right up the road from where Allysha is staying (3-4 min walk!). I got a sleek new cell phone for 39 euros. BMW 730d with a trailer ball: a diesel 7 series trailer towing BMW, just not a common sight in Ashland. Oh, the things to see. I'll get up tomorrow and go in to meet Allysha's boss and sell myself on my fine culinary expertise. I already got a 'job offer' though. Natalie, Kyla's friend who gave me the key for the apartment, called Kyla and said "he's very nice, maybe he could move into my spare room and cook for me and my kids". Well, that didn't take long. Actually, not what I was looking for. I mean, come on, a cute blond french girl with a super nice flat in central Toulouse looking for me to move in and spend all my time cooking for her! I was looking for something a little more rewarding. Guess its always good to have a plan B."

    Bisous, B

    See why it breaks my heart that these guys are sick? They are so vibrant and funny and handsome. It's not fair. Anyway, he's out looking for a bike today. If he starts cooking, he'll be fine. He swears you HAVE to have bipolar to be a good chef. I don't doubt that.

    N is hanging in there. Phill, my husband, is over at his house today rigging up a "print shop in a garage". He's trying very hard to get back on the horse. He's been seeing his boys and they are a delight to him. If their mother tries to take them out of this area, I don't know what we'll do (let the air out of her tires, probably). N is very interested in all the info I've come up with on this site. His former fiance is a doctor (an intern actually) and her specialty is neuro-science .A real under-achiever, let me tell you!! I keep sending him clips of posts to send to her. She's always thought that there is some connection with all our illnesses. She was devastated when he had his breakdown. Even though they never married, they are very close.

    I is doing quite well. He's been clean from meth over a year but his health is horrible due to diabetes. That's normal for him. He's happy to be working, though, and comes to visit. It's so good to see him laugh and be stable. I never thought this kid would live as long as he has. My husband had to take him to the hospital the other day from work as he was starting to have mild seizures. His blood sugar was 687 when he got there and liver enzymes were through the roof. He had an infusion and went back to work. I'm so proud of him. He was a nightmare to raise but we knew there was a spark inside that angry boy. Now the little old ladies like to flirt with him as he dishes out their potato salad.

    S is in Europe and living it up. I don't know if you know much about soccer but most scores are like 1-0 or 4-2. Anyway, our guys played a team in Switzerland and we lost 14-0. I think they had to slink off the field with their tails between their legs!! And S is the striker (the one who kicks the goals--or not, in this case) so I think his ego got a bit bruised. That was salved by the lunch their coach had arranged for them at an elite all girls school. I'm sure that helped just a tad!! I also heard that they are going to a "disco" tonight in Germany and get to drink BEER--oh the excitement.

    Z is an odd guy. He's a twin and preemie survivor but you'd never know it. He's really handsome and well built. He is a registered offender (and deserves to be). He has always had a problem with walking on the right side of the law. His last few polygraphs have all been perfect and he has a good job. All I can ask is that he stay out of trouble. His OCD has always been an issue and he's on several meds. He is developmentally disabled but extremely articulate and perfectionistic. Quite an interesting guy. His twin sister is his total opposite. She's quiet and kind and the proverbial "good" girl.

    And P. Well P is cooling his heels a bit longer. I think it pays to have friends in the judicial system. The judge is holding him until 5 pm Sunday. He goes back to school Monday morning so there's not too much time to get in trouble. P is a sad case. Very unattached (not bonded at all), no clear understanding of boundaries or cause and effect. He is tender to the dogs and that's about it. No, he does not know how to love.

    When we moved to this town, we spent a lot of energy and time making friends with the schools, the police, the therapists, the doctors, children's services, etc. We have a very good reputation and it has paid off. We're just very ready to be done with child-raising. We've go a ways to go, though, as many of these kids will never be independent. It's a constant challenge.

    We had snow last night but it's beautiful today. I love spring. I used to walk my dogs a lot up in the hilly part of town and I miss that so darn much. I have always wanted to visit your part of the country. I've never been there but hear it is lovely. Aren't politics a bit more liberal in your area, also? My parents swear that they are the last living Democrats in the entire state of Texas. They were great Molly Ivans fans (as am I). I keep waiting for Molly to write a column about the current political situation. She'd have a thing or two to say.

    Oh well, I better go. I write these missives and then am embarrassed by their length. I would love to exchange email addresses if you'd like. I went to the Chat Room area and it's not too scary. Like Mystic said, we could just run in, exchange emails, and run out. Sounds like junior high!!

    Let me know about the brochures. Hope you get some rest.

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    I just read your lovely letter, and will answer later, in greater depth. I need to cook dinner and work on my disability application. The day seems to go by so fast for me, because I spend so much time either sleeping, napping, or trying to get through the morning so that i can be functional the rest of the day. We're having our first warm weather, and the jonquils are blooming, and I keep wanting to go work in the garden. But that won't happen for now. When are you available for chat room? Let's see . . . tomorrow I'm busy busy. Saturday, I'm going out with my friend Beth (rare social occasion). Probably Saturday night or Sunday night would be the best; I don't know, about 9:00? Or is that too late? What do you say? Hey, I'll write/talk to you soon. M
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    Which chat room should we use?
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    If I remember correctly, someone posted that you just enter a chat room and see if it's empty and then you can use it privately until someone else comes in. We only need to be there for less than a minute. 9pm for you would be 6 pm for me. North Carolina, right? That would be fine. We just need to touch base before then to remind each other. Jonquils, I love them. Get some rest so you have fun with your friend.

    If I'm up to it, I need to go to court tomorrow morning to talk to the judge about P. Everyone there is really kind and thoughtful of me, though.

    Have a good night. Hope you sleep well.

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    Well, I wasn't quite up for court but my husband went. It's odd but about the only place in the world where we get any accolades or appreciation for our work with children in in court!! The judges are always so relieved to work with parents who are willing to work as a team to tackle a problem. Our son will be released on Sunday on a "conditional release". This means that any infraction at all, at home or at school, will land him right back in the pokie. That's about all he can understand. My guess is that he'll have to try it out once or twice just to make sure.

    So yesterday was cool and sunny and Springy. The street was aglow with pink plum blossoms. Today, we've got bits of sleet and greyness and nastiness. I am so looking forward to doing a bit of gardening. Even though I'm really weak, I love to sit on the grass and weed the flowerbeds while the dogs run and snuffle around me. And if Phill happens to decide a salmon steak on the grille would be nice, I'm in heaven. Turn on a little quiet music--let's see--Claudio Villa, Mills Brothers, or soft samba--and I'm a happy happy girl.

    How does your taste in music run? We love old standards, Claudio, Madeleine Peyroux, The Be Good Tanyas, Guy Clark, Townes van Zandt, Kate Wolf (our music angel), Billie Holiday, Hank Williams, Nat King Cole, true blue grass, true doo-wop. We're all over the board. We're fortunate that Ashland is on the circuit. We get really good bands up here because of Shakespeare and the college and the Britt Festival. I think the musicians just like to come to Ashland so they do a concert to pay for the gas!! When we lived in Central Texas, we had Kerrville, which was incredible. I heard Ricky Lee Jones. Lyle Lovett, and Michele Shocked there when they were first starting out. And Austin was just a treasure trove. I miss KUT and their Folkways show tremendously. We just listened to a NPR 10 night special on rockabilly. It was fun but a bit eery to hear Roy Orbison's and Buddy Holly's voices in interviews that sounded live! Man, have we lived through some unforgettable music.

    Hope you get out into your garden today.

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    I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. I've been completely caught up by this online disability application. I spent hours and hours on it, and now it has crashed. I keep getting this page that says "We cannot process your request at this time." When I go in the next time, I either get the same message, or I can work on one page, and as soon as I click on "continue," it kicks me out. I tried starting over with a new application, and I'm having the same problem. I called the number given on the error page three times, had to wait 20 or 30 minutes each time for an agent, and when the agent answered, he or she said there was nothing he/she could do, and that there is no department for technical support. My deadline is April 2, and I don't know what to do.

    Meanwhile, I got a migraine this morning, which sent me into kind of a temporary (I'm sure) depression, and now I'm starting to freak out about my disability app., the fact that my $$ is fast disappearing, the situation with Jim, and the fact that all Aunt Lou does is scream at us, because she thinks we're taking away her independence. Had a session with the social worker yesterday (Jim and I attended), in which the social worker said that either someone had to have Health Care Power of attorney, and someone had to call her to remind her about her pills each night, or we would go to court, and she would probably have to go to Assisted Living. Aunt Lou was livid, and screamed at us the whole session, and then she screamed at me later on the phone. I am fast losing my ability to cope. Frankly, with everything that you've been through, I don't know how you do it! ( :

    Jim has been nice, but pretty unresponsive and distant. I'm just glad I have my doggies, who are desperately in need of a walk, even the weather is cold, wet, and foggy. Jim said he wasn't going to walk the dogs, because he was going swimming, so I have to walk them with a post migraine. Don't I sound glum!! At least the post migraine is better than the migraine itself. During the migraine, I get a pounding pain on the right side of my head. The meds knock out the pain in about a half hour to an hour. After that, I just feel blah the rest of the day. This morning, I couldn't swallow my breakfast, because my esophagus kept shutting down on me (I have dysphagia), so the breakfast kept coming up again. I kept trying and trying to swallow, and I couldn't. At that point, i really felt a little freaky, and close to tears. But when Beth and I had lunch, I swallowed my lunch down pretty easily, and the banana pudding went down smoothly. I hate it when things get stuck in my esophagus, because it's really painful, and it's kind of like choking. I might have to start eating soft foods.

    Sorry about all the mopey thoughts; I'm just so freaked out. Happy to hear about your children; your son's e-mail was charming. I just worry about his getting a job as a chef in France. Isn't France already full of chefs? And would they take an American as a chef? I mean, wouldn't it be better to apply for a chef's position in a place that doesn't already have a lot of experienced ones?

    Also, what was the outcome of the courtcase? Did your son come home? How are you dealing with it? Is he being physically aggressive, or anything like that? (I can't find my list of letters for each of your children's names).

    I'm going to try calling that stupid number again, and if that doesn'[t work, I'll call my lawyer on Monday, and ask him or his assistant what to do.

    You had asked about my musical tastes. I was born in 1960, and I grew up with the classic 60s and 70s rock bands, (as I'm sure did you), I still like the great classic rock artists, from Jimi Hendrix to Dylan to The Doors, etc. Also, I was born in a family of classical musicians. My father was a professional pianist and professor of music, and my mother gave private piano lessons. I grew up listening to and playing music (and no, I'm not playing anything now; I'm terribly out of practice). Anyway, I guess I'm a fuddyduddy, as some of my friends think, but I'm a great classical music buff, especially music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and I'm absolutely fanatical about Bach.

    Jim plays traditional old-time music, which is basically bluegrass before it evolved into bluegrass, so I listen to a lot of that. I also love Irish music, and any kind of World Music that hasn't been too doctored up. I'm not so fond of modern Country music, because it's too sappy for me. Some of the oldies I borderline like.

    I've got to go; it's late. I'd be glad to talk on the chat room tonight at nine or tomorrow night. If I don't hear from you today, I'll just assume it's tomorrow night. Talk to you soon. M
  15. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    Oh my God, I just realized it was almost 6:00 your time. I should have reached you way earlier. If you're there, send me a post and tell me which chat room to go to. I'll go ahead, and try anyway. Otherwise, until tomorrow.
  16. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    Let's do the chit-chat chat room. That's the least likely to be busy.
  17. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    It's not almost six your time, it's almost six my time!! Geez that migraine medicine, or the migraine itself, must really be doing a number on me. Ok, maybe i'll talk to you at 9:00 my time!
  18. Missizzy

    Missizzy New Member

    Heavens. Calm down...lol. You had me all worked up. I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier but for some reason I thought you were busy today. My mistake. OK, it's almost 6:00 my time. At 6:00 sharp I'll go in the chit chat room and see if I can find you. Did you notice, though, that someone posted that the chat rooms weren't working? We'll have to see. So what'll you be wearing? How will I recognize you. Can we sit down and have a glass of wine?



  19. Missizzy

    Missizzy New Member

    I waited at 6 pm. I sent you several messages and we were the only ones in the room. I saw you log on but I don't think you could see my messages. You want to try again at 20 after?

    [This Message was Edited on 03/29/2008]
  20. Missizzy

    Missizzy New Member

    So, it looks as if it didn't work for you. It worked perfectly for me but I wonder if some are having problems. You just go to the Chit Chat Room and it will show you who's there. Just type me a message in the long white box and press send. I wish you were here. I'm listening to our local Public Radio's Gourmet Oldies Show--Hank, Tommy Dorsey, Bill Haley, Billie. My kind of stuff. Oh and I just poured myself a glass of wine. This is kind of my big night of the week. The oldies and wine. Don't get much better than that!!

    I'll hang around and watch the CC Room for another 30 minutes or so.

    [This Message was Edited on 03/29/2008]

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