Missouri residents older, sick and need help, there is a lot

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    I guess being poor and sick with fibro and arthritis is not so bad. I get wonderful cooked meals 5 days a week free and delivered to my door.

    Today the Elk's Club delivered to all we residents a full ham, 32 cans of canned food brand name, roman noodles, egg noodles, flour, sugar (5 lbs each), spagetti, crackers, great northern beans, cereals, instant potatoes and more. It was a huge box white that says Merry Christmas on the side.

    I am going to be getting a free housekeeper who will also do my laundry 3 days a week as soon as I can afford a vacumn. I guess I don't have to have one but it would be good.

    My food card allotment.

    My medicaid pays for most of my scripts except for one for a dollar. My co-pay to doctor is $3. My co-pay to hospital would be $10. I have no spend down.

    I live in a relatively new large one bedroom apartment and my rent is just a few dollars over $100.

    If you live in Missouri and you are having a hard time contact Area on the Aging.

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    Mine is just a senior complex based on S.S. check. You have to prove what you draw a month for income so no way to take advantage here.
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    My apt is anything but tiny. I wish you could actually see these. The rooms are very big. The only utility we have to pay is our electric.

    Gow did we get from Missouri to California, lol?
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    actually much of the Midwest is extremely expensive.....there are a few parts that are not, but it is the more southern states (starting with Kentucky and Missouri and moving south) that are cheaper

    I am truly happy for those who can find senior housing and HD and stuff like that, but it also makes me sooooo frustrated that they don't have anythign at all like that for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, etc that are younger......and they do not even have waiting lists here (near Chicago) for HUD anymore - there is absolutely no help at all & the very cheapest apts around here cost almost as much as they do in CA

    I have spent the last 6 yrs looking around here (in person and online), in CA (online) and in southern states (also online)....unfortunately I cannot take the weather int he southern states, nor do I have the ability to move myself, and though I am almost alone here, I would not even have the few remaining friends there that I do here....so moving south is out for me
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