misunderstanding by others?

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    get a book about fibro. read it yourself and highlight parts that affects you. if someone wants to care, share the reading with them. i did this with me hubby while reading a book from the library. no i didn't highlite that book. but, my hubby went and bought the book for me because it made a big difference in me, him and us. i got the one by devin starlanyl, understanding fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrome. that was 5 years ago and i still refer to it often. the highlited parts really help me find the needed part for me to read.
    there is one chapter in the book that says alot. it is dancing with dragons....whose you gonna let lead?
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    I was diagnosed with FM a couple of months ago and haven't yet bought a book. I have seen this one mentioned before in the posts and plan to go buy it after payday. Best Wishes Diana