Misuse of handicap placard great story

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    Hi there,

    Happen to be talking to a woman yesterday who has MS and is frustrated with people inappropriately using handicap spots. Within the last several months she parked next to someone who was in the only handicap spot and didn't have a placard. She came out and SHE had a ticket for parking to close to the corner, but the person next to her didn't. So she went to court to tell the judge what happened. He took the piece of paper that she wrote the plate # on and dismissed her ticket and court fees.

    So then, a few minutes later (we were in a meeting type setting), a woman says that she is always carting some nuns around and alot of them are handicapped. So she has a placard to use when she is driving them around but it expired. One day she goes to a supermarket and is alone, she can't find a spot so she takes a handicap spot even though no one else is in the car and she's not handicapped.

    She leaves the supermarket and a little bit down the road a cop pulls her over and gives her a $100.00 for parking with an expired handicap placard that didn't belong to her.

    I didn't this cops did that! I thought it was great!

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    I have one and have been known not to hang it on my mirror. Went into Walmart did my shopping, as I walk out the door, there was a cop writing me a ticket. I said no please wait and I showed it to him. He tore up the ticket and gave me a strong verbal warning. The fine here is $500 for parking in a HC without a placard or plate. SO be careful. Carla
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    Is it bad mojo to mess with the clergy? I was in Catholic school for three years and, believe me, I have no love of nuns. On the other hand, I'm not sure I'd mess with them either. Bad Karma :)

    Love, Mikie
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    In Ontario Canada our fine is either $2000 or $5000. I think it is latter. My argument is there aren't nearly enough. 2 per row. How about the people who sit in the drivers seat waiting for their whoever. We don't have a doc fill out ours. It can be a physio or ot. ( they are great because they aren't allowed to charge for filling out the form). What an insenstive thing for the doc. to say. May he never need one. I could go on and on. NUF said.
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    Was reading over these posts and remembered a funny call from my son one day. While we were talking on the phone, he suddenly said he had to go. He said some guy with a handicap sticker was parking in one of the non-handicapped slots at his store. LOL

    Peace to all,